Pitbull As The Most Outstanding Meme Token Is Launching First-Ever NFTs

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  • Pitbull as a well-known community-driven meme token is launching its own NFT collection. It’ll be made out of 10k unique artworks running on the Ethereum blockchain.

We wrote a blog about Pitbull Token as one of the most outstanding community-driven meme tokens out there. Now, the time has come to take the first PITBULLISH step into the metaverse! As the project is already approaching 500,000 holders, they have now reached a size to think really big!

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PitBull NFTs

The Pitbull community has been developing since March 17, 2021, only through the strength of the community with no developer wallets or developer money, just volunteer community members. As a result, Pitbull is now one of the largest 100% community-driven tokens in the crypto space. To celebrate this achievement, the project is extremely happy to announce the launch of “Pitbullers.”

Pitbullers is a unique NFT Collection with over 10,000 automatically generated NFTs on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Every Pitbull token holder will have the privilege to participate in the whitelist mint and have a chance to get a Pitbullers NFT. For this purpose, people should register their Pitbull wallet under the following link

Pitbull will give away 10,000 whitelist spots and there is only one condition: only wallets with more than $100 worth of Pitbull tokens can register. If there are no Pitbull tokens on the registered wallet, the wallet will not be considered for a whitelist. The form will be open for the next few days.

Charity Cause

You will support animal shelters by buying Pitbull NFT as the project wants to send 10% from sales to help dogs. For example, Pitbull is partnered with Kennel2Couch, Bullies in Need, and other animal shelters. Contributions to these charities are higher than $10,000 in total since the project’s creation. Another part of sales will go to the community wallet for marketing and further development of the project.

About Pitbull 

Pitbull is an auto-staking token that had its ownership renounced and given to the community upon its creation. Created on March 17, 2021, on the Binance Smart Chain network with the contract renounced and liquidity burnt in its creation, Pitbull has grown into a fully functional, decentralized, 100% community-driven project with a charitable cause.

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