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In a digital age where jaw-dropping graphics and epic trailers reign supreme, a new breed of games has emerged from the shadows. These titles woo us with cinematic hype, promise expansive worlds and showcase groundbreaking gameplay. But begamefiedneath the shimmer and sheen, they’re merely repackaging the basic Lyra package from Unreal Engine 5, craftily flipping assets and selling dreams.

Journey with us as we unveil the true faces behind these charades, and arm yourself with the knowledge to discern the genuine gems from the glittering fakes. Because in today’s gaming world, seeing might just be the grandest illusion of all!

What is Unreal Engine Lyra?

Lyra is a learning resource designed as a sample game project to help you understand the frameworks of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5). Its architecture is designed to be modular, including a core system and plugins that are updated regularly along with the development of UE5.

  • Cross-Platform compatibility and scalability.
  • Online Multiplayer and cross-play support for Epic Online Services and Console Online Subsystems.
  • Features a choice between three different Game modes: Elimination (Team Deathmatch), Control (Capture the Control point) and Exploder (a top down party game).
  • A customized Gameplay Ability System.
  • Niagara FX.
  • Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG) widget classes and UI Icons for the project’s gameplay concepts including menu settings, controller key sticks, and displays for health, mana, and ammo. These UI features are designed with modularity so you could use their systems in your own game independent of Lyra.
  • Optimized, hand-crafted content including locomotion animation assets, sounds, and a weapon system compatible with any Pawn.
  • New UE5 Mannequins, Manny, and Quinn. These Mannequins are playable characters that share the same core skeleton hierarchy as MetaHumans, with a compatible animation system.

Lyra Unreal Engine 5: Game Devs Starter pack

Ah, behold the latest and greatest creation from our visionary game developer: the “UE5’s Lyra Starter Pack”! It’s a masterpiece of modern gaming, a true testament to our commitment to innovation. Let’s delve into the satirical world of a developer who has unapologetically embraced the art of excessive reliance on this “groundbreaking” toolkit.

  • The Revolutionary UI (Crosshair…):
    In the Lyra Starter Pack, we proudly present to you a user interface that will redefine your entire gaming experience. Gone are the days of subtlety and minimalism. We’ve replaced it with an enormous, fluorescent crosshair that takes up 90% of your screen real estate. Who needs immersion when you can have an omnipresent reminder of where your bullets are likely going to miss?
  • Counting Your Kills:
    We understand that you might have trouble counting your kills manually, so we’ve added a helpful feature. Every time you obliterate an enemy, the game will loudly announce, “Kill Count!” It’s as if Siri’s disinterested cousin is following you around, narrating your every move.
  • Floating Numbers: Because Math Is Fun!
    To make sure you never miss the satisfaction of seeing numbers pop up on your screen, we’ve included floating damage numbers. When you shoot someone, you’ll be treated to a mesmerizing display of numbers leaping around like hyperactive fleas. Just don’t try to add them up; it’s not necessary.
  • Weapon Effects That Blind and Deafen:
    Who cares about subtlety when you can have weapons that emit explosions so massive they cause temporary blindness and deafness? Your ears will be ringing, and your retinas will be scorched, but hey, at least it’s cinematic!
  • Post-Modern Postures and Peculiar Poses:
    Our animators have taken a minimalist approach to character animation. Your character will have precisely three poses: idle, shooting, and a bizarre moonwalk-esque sidestep. Variety is overrated.
  • Third-Person Cameraman:
    Why settle for a traditional third-person camera when you can have a dedicated cameraman following your every move? It’s like having your own personal paparazzo documenting your heroic deeds. Selfies during intense battles? No problem!
  • Identical Physics, Identical Fun:
    In our world, every object behaves exactly the same way. Bullets, grenades, and rubber ducks all follow the same laws of physics. Who needs variety when you can have uniformity?
  • Logic and Playability: Questionable But Existence Confirmed:
    We’ve proudly implemented a level of logic and playability that can only be described as “it exists.” We can’t guarantee it makes sense, but it’s there, hidden beneath the layers of chaos and absurdity.

These three games look like Lyra asset flips:

Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes poses as a AAA Battle Royale game that lets you play as a Nyan cat piloting a Guardian Mech set in a decadent world of Nekovia full of technology and fur. Although the in-your-face pop-culture reference sounds as cute as cats’ purring. the overall experience leaves a bland taste and wasted potential. In short, just another run-of-the-mill hero shooter with, compared to Web2, highly uncompetitive graphics, a lack of imagination, and several generic in-game assets. After a careful peek-in, the Lyra asset flipping becomes obvious. Just take a look:


NEXUS is a third-person MOBA shooter. Craft a wide variety of weapons, abilities, and equipment to build your own custom character. Defend your NEXUS at all costs and ruthlessly destroy your enemies in fast-paced 5v5 MOBA action! – and that’s about it. Not much to research, since Nexus doesn’t even have its own web nor any media coverage. The only significant thing about this yet another “next-gen” effort is its undeniable Lyra asset flipping. See for yourself:


KIRAVΞRSΞ is an online multiplayer game created in Unreal Engine 5 for gamers across the globe to play, compete, and earn achievements to unlock or rent characters, skins, weapons, and more! – nice introduction, right? But that’s not where Kiraverse ends its self-praise. The Paramlabs team wants to bring life into NFT multi-operability, and I mean, any NFT. Their metaverse pursuit might seem ambitious, but in the light of their half-hearted development effort, it stands out as just bold and unrealistic.

Kiraverse is currently in the Beta development stage and offers two basic game modes – Battle Royale and Domination. On the other hand, their Kira Genesis NFT collection, one of only two collections on their marketplace, boasts solid counts of heroes. Unfortunately, all look quite the same, with no artistic vision etched on them at all. How come the team rooted in companies such as Google, Apple, Adobe, Samsung, Atari, etc., can’t follow the quality of their previous employers? Only time will tell. As of now, Kiraverse emanates generic designed, inferior gameplay, and stands on obvious Lyra asset flips.

In conclusion, the “UE5’s Lyra Starter Pack” is a bold testament to a developer’s unwavering commitment to embracing clichés and excesses in game design. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the pursuit of innovation can lead us down a path of unintentional hilarity. Unfortunately, for many Web3 developers, Lyra has become a shortcut to building a game they’d otherwise never be able to release. The generic touch and lack of creativity is just the obvious outcome.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.