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Quick Summary

  • According to the latest crypto news for Shopify, Tezos NFTs have made their way to the e-commerce giant.
  • Shopify stores worldwide will now be able to access NFTs within the Tezos ecosystem to boost customer engagement.
  • As a result of a new integration by software development firm Taco Labs Inc.

Taco Labs is bringing this capability to Shopify with its ‘Taco: NFT Loyalty Automation’ – an app that leverages the Tezos blockchain to enable Tezos NFTs on Shopify.

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Automation of Web3 without code

Brands seeking to enhance user engagement and experience with digital collectibles are increasingly relying on NFTs. The Taco Web3 automation solution offers end-to-end, no-code functionality. This solution allows users to reward customers with NFTs that can be redeemed for exclusive products and discounts. Shopify merchants can expand their customer relationships by using this loyalty automation tool.

According to Taco Labs, Tezos’ energy efficiency and low gas fees will also contribute to Web3 innovation, particularly around gamification.

According to James McCombie, Director at Future Kimonos, a premium apparel company:

“We loved how easy it was to airdrop Tezos NFTs at the flograppling ADCC world championship; with Taco’s shopify integration, we were able to instantly add utility and reward members with exclusive giveaways and prizes. We did this all in record time without having to write any code.”

Another New Partnership

As Shopify integrates industry providers, Tezos NFTs support for Shopify allows merchants and other users to boost their NFT engagement. In a deal designed to make Web3 technology accessible to everyone, Shopify announced Tuesday a partnership with no-code Web3 platform Novel.


It is very interesting to see in what direction the trend of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Web3 is going. And it’s even better to see that this trend is supported by globally known companies.

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