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  • SINSO, as an infrastructure of Web3.0 Ecosystem, will go online as Filecoin’s first Layer2 network.

The era of Web 3.0 based blockchain infrastructures is approaching, thanks to the advent of popular concepts like DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and Metaverse. Filecoin’s decentralized storage network has been prospering in the past year as the cornerstone of the next-generation Internet — Web 3.0 ecology, with increasingly highlighted unprecedented value and efficacy.

The Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), which adds a broad smart contract programming tool to the Filecoin network, will be another key component of the decentralized storage network. The transition of mass applications from Web2.0 to Web3.0 will thereafter be promoted by FVM, and SINSO will be a part of this transition. So what exactly is SINSO?

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What’s SINSO

Filecoin is the largest web3.0 infrastructure and zero-knowledge proof network in the world. SINSO is a cryptocurrency project backed by the Filecoin ecosystem and it has significant advantages as the infrastructure architecture of Filecoin Layer 2. There are Layer 2 solutions to Ethereum like Metis, and SINSO will be the Layer 2 solution for Filecoin.

SINSO is a Filecoin Layer 2 network that creates a distributed data cache network for dApps to interact with Filecoin easily and quickly. SINSO may also define and manage legitimate data through protocol stacks, enhancing the Filecoin network’s storage and economic incentive efficiency. SINSO, as the first network of the FVM, allows developers to recreate the FVM environment for low-cost testing, and it will serve as a testing ground for the ecosystem’s main features. 

Smart contracts may be operated in a completely FVM-compatible way on the SINSO FVM Sidechain, and many innovations can be tested in a low gas fee environment. The early start-ups SocialFi and GameFi, as well as other elements including smart contract design, are good examples.

Main Features Of The SINSO Ecosystem

High-Speed Cache Network

Application ecosystem partners can selectively store data into the Filecoin ecosystem without worrying about efficiency issues thanks to SINSO Getway’s Distributed Cache Network.

Valid Data Set Mining (valid data nodes earn SINSO token)

The efficient data collection nodes SINSO provides will encourage real application data providers to earn additional rewards, with the Fil reward being the most direct.

FVM Sidechain

The FVM Sidechain, which will be released before FVM, will be completely compatible with the Ethereum EVM and will be able to smoothly migrate apps to SINSO, allowing the Filecoin ecosystem to achieve distributed data storage. 

The reduced gas fees and faster efficiency on SINSO, as well as its primary contribution to constructing Web3 applications that can seamlessly combine data and smart contracts, are the reasons for migrating to SINSO.

DApp Cube Middleware

SINSO delivers an application-oriented middleware platform that is tailored to the needs of the industry. SINSO pioneered the development of these components. Eco-partners will be fully involved after the DAO architecture is established, and SINSO will be able to reward each middleware release and operation.

Dynamic Dataset NFT

SINSO will give templates for dataset NFTs with data that is not centralized stored, reducing the danger of storage providers deleting the data.

Data DAOs

A data governance-focused DAO framework will be advantageous for everyone. For instance, SINSO will launch an application called “Data Land” in which it will be possible to create a virtual asset area with SINSO’s core asset, which will be made up of SINSO data such as associated accounts, logos, NFTs, and related facilities. 

SINSO can join their data to multiple DAO organizations to contribute and get dividends by managing these assets. Accounts, as well as the resources of “Data Land,” should be limited assets. They airdrop the accounts to the users who have obtained them so that everyone can participate.


SINSO is no doubt one of the most complex crypto projects with interesting solutions. Layer 2 networks are starting to take over and SINSO is the latest one to appear in the crypto space. The project has many benefits to the system, so will it make a difference in the world?

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sources: sinso, medium, newscoincu

author: Rene Remsik

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.