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Quick Summary 

  • Slovenia is the first country in the world to launch its own non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to promote the success of its businesses and tourist destinations 
  • These NFTs represent a collection of digital 3D panoramic high definition photographs 

The most innovative country in Europe?

Slovenia is well-known for its roots in technology. This country is a blockchain leader in Europe for a few years now. Now they want to continue to innovate and jump on an NFT train becoming the first country to launch NFTs. The Slovenian Ministry of Economic Development and Technology is collaborating with the public agency for the promotion and of entrepreneurship, investment Spirit and Ljubljana Technology Park. 

Thanks to all these ambitions to work on blockchain and NFTs technologies, it will put Slovenia on the map as one of the most advanced digital countries that understand the technology of the future. 

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These special NFTs represent a collection of unique and digital 3D high-definition photographs. Tokens will be distributed to visitors which came to the Slovenian Expo as a gift in a form of a card. This card will carry instructions and an eight-digit number which allows them to go to their wallet and claim NFTs. 

This move can attract visitors to their Pavilion and the NFTs would provide an opportunity for digital development as people who come can create a digital wallet on Slovenian blockchain technology.


Slovenia is one of the leading digital countries in Europe as it understands blockchain, and now NFTs, and wants to promote adapting these technologies. In the upcoming years, we will very probably see more countries adopting blockchain, crypto and NFTs as El Salvador did with accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. 

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Rene Remsik

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