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Quick Summary

  • Snoop Dogg partners with The Sandbox to host a virtual party in his custom-themed mansion, and yes, there will be plenty of weed-themed NFTs!
  • People use a limited number of tickets for this party and resell them with profit 

Snoop Dogg – an NFT King

Snoop Dogg is one of the most favorite celebrities in the NFT world. Besides collaborating on creating a number of NFTs and buying them as an investment, he is now working with The Sandbox. There is a Snoop Dogg Land in the Metaverse, where he’ll invite his followers to join him in the virtual world. Will you too?

Snoop Dogg has partnered with another company to create more NFTs and spread its awareness into the world. The Sandbox created Snoop Dogg’s virtual world based on his mansion to show his NFT collection and organize virtual parties. There will be two sales of the lands on September 30th and November 4th. He should also perform a “live concert” while hosting the virtual party. 

People make money reselling tickets


The private pass for his party is limited to 1,000 tickets and was sold out in under one hour! These tickets are now being sold on OpenSea for prices more than 1.5 ETH. They rise in value very fast like NFTs or cryptocurrencies. 

In his custom virtual mansion, there will be playable Snoop avatars and plenty of weed-themed imagery. There will be further NFP airdrops connected to this event, so people can make money reselling tickets and special weed-themed NFTs. 


Snoop Dogg partners with another NFT company (The Sandbox) to create digital items and will host a virtual party with a limited number of tickets. Will celebrities cause NFTs to go even more mainstream thanks to their regular interest and campaigns? We shall see soon. 

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Rene Remsik

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