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Spider Tanks is an NFT-based PVP (Player versus Player) blockchain game that includes interactive and fast-paced tanks battle gameplay. Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Spider Tanks games is a game that combines strategy, and action to master the game. Moreover, digital collectibles and native tokens incentivize the players through winning the games and involving themselves in the Spider Tanks ecosystem.

Spider Tanks Trailer


Spider Tanks is all about grabbing the players’ attention and keeping them in the game with multiple modes while they also earn crypto tokens and NFTs. The game includes upgradable NFTs like tank bodies, several maps and fighting arenas, and game modes. The game is for both the pilots (Free to play players) and the captains (Tank NFT holders).

Besides players, Planetary node owners (people responsible for the functioning of the game), map owners, tanks owners, Gala and Gamemedia, and founders and developers also get rewards from the game ecosystem as a royalty, rent, or ownership of the game. Spider Tanks gameplay includes the following modes:

  • Team Death Match: Explode the enemy team’s tanks while protecting your allies. Simple and brutal.
  • Capture The Flag Mode: Protect the flags from the enemies to get the chicken in the game.
  • Chicken Chaser Mode: Deliver precious poultry through enemy fire to deposit more chickens than the opposing team!
  • King of the Hill: This mode is more like capturing the arena and holding on to it as long as you can to claim your authority.
  • Poultry Pusher Mode: Protect the giant chicken as it makes its lumbering way behind enemy lines.
  • Kill Confirmed Mode: Kill is not confirmed until you collect the egg. Kill enemy tanks and collect maximum eggs to claim victory in the game.

NFT Rarity:

Spider Tanks is a player-oriented game and offers them many opportunities to benefit from the GameFi with also enjoying the intense battles. You can start playing the game by borrowing tank bodies (NFTs) from other players and splitting your profits, as a pilot. However, the real fun begins when you become a captain by owning a tank body NFT. Players can earn new pieces by playing the game, making a way for passive income besides getting tokens.

A tank consists of two parts, body and weapon and both are NFTs. They have different traits and can be assembled according to the battle situation. Tank bodies and weapons are upgradable NFTs. They can be upgraded using the material bought through the $SILK token.


Amount of Silk

Common (“Bolt”)

0.01 SILK

Uncommon (“Scrap Metal”)

0.02 SILK

Rare (“Chips”)

0.05 SILK

Epic (“Hydraulics”)

0.10 SILK

Legendary (“Engine”)

0.20 SILK

Ancient (“Energy Core”)

0.50 SILK

The NFT upgradable feature creates an additional utility for the $SILK token. Moreover, upgrading tanks means higher rewards for the players. There are a total of 30 upgrade levels for tanks and the upgraded tanks get more victory points than the ordinary ones.

Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks Tokenomics:

$SILK is the in-house Ethereum-based token of the Spider Tanks ecosystem which is built on the Gala’s proprietary L1 blockchain, currently referred to as Project GYRI. This ERC20 token (0xb045f7f363fe4949954811b113bd56d208c67b23) rewards the entire ecosystem and acts as fuel across it. The token is a soft cap, meaning its supply will keep on increasing. However, to control the inflationary nature of the coin, Spider Tank introduces the coin burn mechanism to keep the supply under control.













Since blockchain games are relatively new in the town, they are not good quality and the developers put more attention on making money with the game than the gameplay itself. Luckily, this is incorrect in this case as Spider Tanks offers a rich gameplay and sound GameFi model to support the players and creators. The game is still evolving and hopefully, we’ll see a much more mature version and exciting features in the coming months.

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