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IOI is a multi-blockchain company founded in 2018. It is a leader in gamified trading with over 30 employees. The game developer headquartered in Slovakia- Bratislava, stands behind projects like Nitro wallet, IOI-game and Trade Race Manager. In cooperation with our blockchain partners, delivering high demands becomes our standard. Powered by collectable NFTs, you can enjoy the gamified trading experience like nowhere else. Besides funny trading, IOI Corporation definitely wants to keep the players on the platform. The crypto market is growing extremely fast and they are definitely not behind. 

What is IOI Corporation?

IOI corporation is the #1 among gamified trading platforms for traders, gamers, investors and also crypto enthusiasts. The IOI corporation aims to develop a complete ecosystem that cooperates together. One thing that ties it all together is the IOI Token. IOI token is built on Ethereum L2 Polygon with the features such as deflation multi-utility, no network congestion, very low fees and scalability, moreover DeFi, rewards and burning function with governance rights and much more. 

There is much more to come as besides the main products of IOI corporation, the IOI Market and IOI Wallet are CyberTrade and TradeRaceManager.

Games are heavily based around NFTs in various forms like cars, avatars, tracks and teams. Each NFT has its special feature giving the holders various functions and cross-platform utilisation.

Trade Race Manager

Trade Race Manager (TRM) is the #1 ecosystem for gamers and traders powered by Defi and NTfs to bring you lifetime rewards that add an element of gaming to make trading a fun experience. 

With TRM, you can trade cryptocurrencies in a different way. Traders may bet on themselves and compete against each other in many trading contests, known as races with the unique blockchain tokens called non fungible tokens which represent your racing car and much more. 

TRM is the second project after the IOI game. TRM is a PvP game that brings unlimited rewards and play2earn mechanics. The core gameplay is based around collecting, use and trade of NFTs while enjoying cryptocurrency trading.

The idea about the game arose to solve the task of how to make money even during bear markets while playing a blockchain game. The primary focus of IOI will be on two types of customers: Less experienced crypto traders who are interested in the business but cannot fully commit their time to cryptocurrency trading and technical analyses. And more experienced traders who have been successfully trading cryptocurrencies for some time, and are now looking for additional sources of income. 

“Trading will not be boring anymore, it becomes entertaining”

Cryptocurrency traders can get in touch and learn from each other, and also create teams of racers, using exciting UI. TRM will utilize elements of gamification to give the complex world of crypto trading a fun and relatable format; a car racing NFT game in which the performance of a coin fuels the progress of a race car. Race winners will receive IOI tokens which they can exchange for various features and abilities on the platform. Besides winning the races you benefit from staking rewards depending also how rare the car you own is. 

There will be special NFT car editions with various features and limited amounts.

The basic NFT game family implemented will be:

  • NFT cars
  • NFT tracks
  • NFT racers
  • NFT winner trophies 

You will be able to profit from holding all of these items or use it in the game. If you decide to sell there will be a marketplace. The focus of the IOI corporation is to enhance the play2earn model where anybody can earn playing the game.

IOI Corporation Cooperation

IOI Corporation hit the market and fascinated and pursued not only gamers but also many investors and partners as the potential of the TRM skyrocketed in many ways. 

IOI gained strong partners such as Polygon, DaoMaker, Ignition and Arkane network

Last but not least IOI Corporation also has successful strategic partners such as  AU21, Kucoin Labs, GBV, Titans Ventures, and Blockchain Game Alliance.

And finally very important advisors as are Kenzi Wang, Will Wow, Sandeep Nailwal and ASH WSB. 

Competition analyses

The Trade Race Manager is currently launching their token at the public listing price of 0,4 USD per token. Compared to some similar projects already live on the market, even without a finished product, the Trade Race Manager market capitalization still has huge room to grow.

Mind the simple comparison chart. The estimated market during TGE is 8 Million USD. This was calculated with the public sale price and 21 mil IOI tokens in circulation. Considering the current market situation and competition analyses this project has very big future potential.

IOI Corporation aims to enter the exchange market when the market cap hits 1mil. 

IOI Corporation is led by a team of seasoned blockchain professionals and prominent advisors who have come together to deliver a new dimension of DeFi and NFTs “gaming adventure” free from existing chains’ shortcomings. The Trade Race manager has a working product which is a big advantage.

The NFTs are also available exclusively on the Arkane Network marketplace. Arkane has a unique feature that you can purchase the game items via PayPal. The NFTs are available on our platform via cryptocurrencies as well. 

The main advantage is that all NFT transactions will run on the Polygon ( Matic) Network with low fees. More partnerships with many valuable companies and token features as governance are coming soon.



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