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The decentralized finance world is booming currently, and the total value locked is hitting 45 billion USD. The Brave browser does not want to stay behind, and it’s finally adding some exciting Defi features.

What is actually the Brave browser?

Brave is a standard browser, which is free to download and use such as other browsers. It lets users navigate to websites, run web apps and display or play online content, it also remembers site authentication information and can block online ads from appearing on sites.

What makes Brave different from other browsers is its aggressive anti-ad approach. The browser was built to get rid of online ads from websites, and its maker’s business model relies on ad blocking and on replacement of the scratched-out ads with advertisements from its own network.  Furthermore, you can earn some BAT tokens by viewing the ads.

What are the plans of Brave for the next 12-18 months?

Brave plans an addition of a new native Ethereum wallet and it will replace its built-in cryptocurrency wallet. That wallet will hold Brave’s BAT tokens, which are distributed to users as a reward for viewing advertisements.

Brave also aims to introduce a decentralized exchange (DEX). This will allow users to trade tokens from within the browser. DEX will offer discounted fees to BAT holders, support for liquidity providers, and ultimately layer-2 scaling features.

Other diverse features include: 

· support for NFTs and DeFi applications,

· BAT as a method of fee payments,

· new wallet for mobile devices,

· fiat-to-BAT onramps such as card and bank payments,

· redesigned user experience (UX).

Probably, Brave will continue to limit payouts based on the number of devices in use. Actual users can only earn BAT through four profiles at one time. Geographic limitations also prevent users in some areas from seeing ads and also earning BAT.

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