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When we think about different crypto projects, we often underestimate the amount of hard work that goes into them. We expect finished results without thinking about whos behind all the progress. One Play-and-Earn game with over a year of development under its belt is KLAYMETA, the NFT and Metaverse platform with MMORPG attributes. The KLAYMETA team is delighted to report that a year-long development period is coming to a conclusion, and the players are just as thrilled. The official launch will be early in 2023, so read on to learn everything you need to know about KLAYMETAs upcoming release. 


One of the most promising catalysts to KLAYMETAs success in this new era of crypto gaming is the KLAYMETA Metaverse. This is because, in the crypto gaming industry, Play-and-Earn games with metaverses are largely seen as the future of gaming. To achieve this feat, KLAYMETA utilized the Klaytn blockchain as a foundation to build their massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Its initial features, like adventure mode, were just recently released this year, and it’s anticipating a full release at the beginning of next year following some final tests. Within KLAYMETA, Players can earn rewards and NFTs through different game modes thanks to the game’s play-and-earn model. Additionally, KLAYMETA features an internal NFT platform that lets users buy, sell, trade, and convert tokens and in-game NFT assets into KLAYMETAs utility token $META.

KLAYMETA aims to popularize Web3 gaming by acting as a link between traditional and Web3 gaming with its comprehensive gaming metaverse. However, it’s not just a great game that sets them apart. The KLAYMETA platform is a do-it-yourself crypto gaming platform, intending to bolster other games’ growth by offering smaller blockchain game platforms a no-code option to success. If traditional gaming brands want to provide their loyal gamers the chance to experiment with NFTs and crypto, they are not obligated to implement the entire concept into their games, instead able to profit from the hard work of the KLAMYETA developers.

Focused on the gameplay, not the rewards

Unlike conventional Play-to-Earn games, KLAYMETA utilizes a more innovative approach called “Play-and-Earn” to address the current issues faced by the crypto gaming industry faces. Play-and-Earn specializes in creating game economies that concentrate on an enjoyable game first and players’ rewards second. It has been repeatedly proven that crypto games focusing on player rewards do not have sustainable tokenomics for long-term growth.

Another nice benefit for the fanbase is for their rewards to be eternalized via the Klaytn platform. As all game assets are stored on-chain within the Klaytn ecosystem, not just with KLAYMETA, players can trade those assets with other players outside of the KLAYMETA ecosystem. Provided each user has a Klaytn wallet, they can receive or send assets through $KLAY or $META.

Key game features are already being made available in preparation for KLAYMETA’s full release, which is planned for the first quarter of 2023. Let’s break down a few of the core mechanics that you’ll see upon full release:

  • Full interactive PVE game modes – Upon full release, KLAYMETA players will be able to enjoy player-versus-environment game modes, such as Metaquest and adventure, which allow players to pool their strongest avatars together to collect resources, battle, and earn $META. 
  • Upgraded Game Interface and Avatars – The make sure the user experience is as crisp as possible, all Avatars are under inspection for potential changes, such as the Tank class. On top of this, the user interface is undergoing its final evaluation to ensure it’s appealing to new users.
  • Skill Optimization – One of the most important aspects of KLAYMETA is the battling and skill functions. Currently, the developers are hard at work ensuring damage, defense rate, attack speed, critical hit probability, and other metrics to be used for in-game battles are all accurate and create a fair and enjoyable game.
  • Fusion – Fusion is how MMORPG elements have been added to the KLAYMETA game. Avatars are each player’s identity and can be upgraded by fusing two avatars together, benefiting the base avatar whilst sacrificing another. This is one of the most sought-after mechanics within KLAYMETA and has been actively tested and perfected since its launch several months ago.

When the full release takes place, we expect it to usher in a new age of Play-and-Earn centric crypto games following KLAYMETAs lead, or maybe even utilizing their platform! If Web3 is to embrace the potential partnership between blockchain technology and gaming fully, gameplay-centric, not reward-centric, models are the way forward.


So are you excited for KLAYMETAs full release? If so, Join their Telegram and Discord channels to stay up to date on the most recent KLAYMETA news for more information and updates. It’s there where players will first hear about confirmed full release dates.


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