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Quick Summary

  • The Walking Dead show is launching a special NFT collection as it’s coming to an end. The drop date is on 20th February and it will contain 10,000 NFTs showcasing old and new characters of the show.

The 21st Century has established new realms of economic exchange. One of these realms is known as that of a virtual economy that runs on digital currency. These digital currencies are also known as NFTs which investors use to purchase different online collectibles. Such commodities are hence reducing the human reliance on tangible monetary resources and they are enhancing the socio-economic interactions today.

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The Walking Dead NFTs

With each passing day, brands are launching different NFTs to create an identity in the virtual economic realm. Recently, during the promotion of The Walking Dead Final Season, an interesting launch took place that attracted the attention of many investors. The announcement revolved around the news that in order to celebrate the successful end of such followed TV series, a huge number of NFT’s will release into the market.

The Walking Dead, Orange Comet, and AMC Networks are collaborating together in order to present a vast collection of NFTs that will be a depiction of different iconic moments from the series. The NFTs aim to capture breathtaking moments of the show in order to leave a lasting impression on the audience. For all Walking Dead fans, the digital assets aim to grant an enchanting experience and would act as a source of acknowledgment for their fandom. Talking about further details, the NFTs will have different drop dates. 

NFT Drop Dates

The first drop date would be on February 20th at around 1 pm ET which was chosen with respect to the Season 11B premiere on AMC at 9 pm ET. Once the initial drop date passes, the rest of the drop dates will be disclosed with the upcoming episodes of the season. The key objective here is to not just provide the viewers with quality screen time, but also help them experience the walking dead by engaging in virtual experiences. 

In order to access these sources, The Walker Access Pass will generate that shall remain available on the 20th of February and the pass shall not appear again until next year. The pass basically grants access to exclusive collectibles or drops which aren’t offered to a general audience. Hence, whoever possesses the pass will gain access to an exclusive members-only Discord Server for a unique experience.  

The Walking Dead NFTs are available in the following packs each having its own special avatar:

  • First is the Commonwealth Pack that offers an avatar custom of a commonwealth trooper. 
  • The Daryl Pack NFT has an avatar of Daryl’s bike.
  • The Hospital Pack includes the hospital corridor NFT. 
  • In the Carol Pack there is an image of Carol’s avatar.
  • In the Survival Series 1/1 pack there is an artistic illustration of all of the unforgettable villains and heroes that were in the series. 
  • The Wild Care Series will progress with each drop. Every drop shall include a wild card series. The first one is to include the Governor’s Tanks. The next NFTs would be that of a Fish Tank featuring all the walk heads that used to be in the governor’s secret room.

The first collection shall have 10,000 digital art collectibles each priced at $50 showcasing the memorable old and new characters of the show. Moreover, the drop also contains 750 animations all original and inspired by different scenes of the show. These will be priced at $250. Through credit cards and crypto money, these NFTs shall remain accessible on the Orange Comet site.

For further information, you can visit the Orange Comet site and get to know more about the NFT Collection.


2022 will be exciting, that’s for sure! NFTs are just starting to make their way into the world and famous shows, companies and celebrities are launching their NFTs. Lamborghini, The Walking Dead, Coachella NFTs, what’s next? 

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