These Human Hand-Crafted NFTs Will Blow Your Mind!

Quick Summary

  • Diverse is a unique NFT project featuring 5,000 human hand-crafted NFTs. The project contains several utilities, from merch to metaverse events. 

Finding good projects in the NFT world is hard. However, if you look at several metrics and not just a way how to profit, you’re on a good way. A very interesting project we have found recently has many qualities, which we would like to introduce in this blog. Let’s have a look at an NFT project called Diverse. 

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What’s Diverse?

Diverse is an NFT project that features 5,000 meticulously produced lifelike art pieces. Diverse is a project that promotes diversity, equality, and inclusion by taking a global perspective and reflecting it in the project. Five major male and female figures with distinct nationalities are included in the variations. This project aims to capture the diversity of our world while also recognizing the beauty that we share.

In a space full of monkeys and punks-like NFTs, a project like this features humans in a very unique and artistic form that is intriguing. However, NFTs are not just about art itself. That’s why we’ll take a look at some of the utilities that Diverse is offering for its holders. 


Utilities of Diverse

  • The main goal of Diverse is to create a strong community and ensure that your investments and Diverse’s mints are as successful as possible. 
  • Diverse also wants to drop exclusive merch available only for its NFT holders
  • Diverse will organize special events and parties where holders can meet the team behind the project while having fun and listening to popular singers or DJs
  • Metaverse events are the final phase plan for Diverse.

“We’re going to turn diverse into a virtual music act that mimics Rufus or Odeza in the Metaverse and then you’ll see hologram shows in the real world for community members and NFT holders.” 

Diverse NFTs have a floor price of 0.077 ETH. Are you gonna grab some Diverse? 

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