These NFT Aliens Are Worth Millions!

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  • Lonely Alien Space Club (LASC) is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs with 180 different traits. The trading volume of LASC NFTs reached around $17 million in half a year! 

Have you ever wondered why some non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are worth pennies and some are worth millions? The utilities and art itself drive communities crazy and in the last few months, there’s one particular project that people went after. It’s Alien NFTs!

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Lonely Alien Space Club (LASC)

They capture your attention right away when you enter their website as it asks you to enter. The Lonely Alien Space Club is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs (ERC-721 tokens stored on the Ethereum Blockchain). Non-sequentially minted and provably unique, each NFT comes with a full membership including functioning utility and an ever-growing community. All of these NFTs were created with 180 different traits. 


The Lonely Aliens dropped on the Earth in July this year, for 0.06 ETH per NFT. Since then, their floor has gone up and fell again. Now it’s at 0.09 ETH. Although these NFTs are not considered expensive like Crypto Punks or Bored Ape Yacht Club, there’s a trading volume of 5,300 ETH on OpenSea (approximately $17 million at the time of writing, on 14.1. 2022).

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The Story of LASC

It’s been 3 years since the L.A.S.C. Mothership was violently pulled into a black hole near the OP-36 Galaxy. While hurling through the endless abyss, the hull was breached, and 10,000 of the most degenerate Space Club members were sent flying deep into the Metaverse. Hazai, Nukans, and Overlord, the only remaining members of the ship’s crew, set out to save the lost members, and restore the #SpaceClub.

They worked diligently to design a Smart Contract-driven abduction system to teleport the lost members back to the Mothership using the Ethereum Network.

When you abduct a Lonely Alien, you’re helping to return them to the Mothership. The crew will authorize your NFT as an automated access key, granting you exclusive access to the #SpaceClub, where no human has ever gone before.

When all 10,000 members are safely back in the Mothership, they will begin their work to restore the integral functions and utilities back to the club.

If you want to stay updated about this project, make sure to watch their Twitter with 33k followers or join their Discord with 20k+ members.


Amid all the pixellated artworks, apes and punks, there was a great project created – LASC. This project surely made a mark in this world but it’s hard to tell whether it will make a list of the best NFT projects. If the NFT craze continues, LASC could continue to grow but only time will tell. 

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