This NFT Project Is Giving Out $100,000+ Every Month

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  • Blockchain Miners Club is a special NFT project limited to 11,111 artworks generated from 280+ traits. The volume traded on these NFTs is more than 1,600 ETH on Opensea. 

Most projects focused on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were simple artworks without any utility. 2021 changed definitely changed it all when NFT projects started applying different use cases and utility programs to their functioning. Blockchain Miners Club is giving back to its community in a big way! Continue reading to find out how. 

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Blockchain Miners Club

Blockchain Miners Club (BMC) NFTs are hand-drawn rare and unique artworks. BMC are unique artworks inspired by Bitcoin miners (Antminer S19j ASIC Pro) limited to 11,111 items that are generated from 280+ traits and attributes.

BMC has been launched at the end of 2021 with big goals. The NFT project sold out and the floor price for 1 NFT is now 0.49 ETH with a 1.6k Ethereum (ETH) volume traded on Opensea. Although the price of ETH declined rapidly in the last few weeks, it’s almost $4 million.

source: bmc website

BMC Rewards

Blockchain Miners Club uses BTC miners to create sustainability for their projects. Mined Bitcoin from mines gets added to the rewards program fund each month, and BMC will award its holders with $120k+ each month in BTC to the rewards wallet. The community gets to decide what to do with it from there as a community! More than 2 BTC and 44 ETH have been given out for rewards till today!

Keep in mind that BMC is anticipating $120k USD (or more) from their 100 BTC Miners per month. That means BMC holders get to vote on how to distribute, compound, market, and/or utilize community rewards wallets! What can be done with the community rewards wallet? Mine more crypto… This could even be other cryptos like ETH! Also, altcoins, collect or flip blue chip NFT projects, get involved in new NFT mints, distribute BTC rewards to the project holders, etc.

On January 18th, 2022, NFT holders were able to take any two OG Blockchain Miners Club NFTs and burn those items to mint an ULTRA MINER with 2x rewards, votes and 10 $HASH per day.

What’s $HASH 

$HASH will be the first ERC-20 token to be able to be exchanged for mining hashpower. $HASH token for the Hashpower program starts April 4th, 2022. BMC VENTURES INC. has dedicated 1,500,000 GH/s towards this program and all the NFT holders can $HASH tokens for hodling BMC NFT.


NFTs went mainstream just a little while ago and they’re already changing. NFT projects are starting to apply different kinds of utility and reward programs that will decide whether they will succeed or fail, sustain or disappear. 

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