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The famous skater is now collaborating with NFT platform Autograph and The Sandbox to create the largest skatepark in its metaverse. And it is going to rock the voxel virtual style of The Sandbox. 

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Voxel versions of Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is probably the most famous American skateboarder and a person who inspired a lot of people back in the day. With his three highly successful Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater titles, he’s well established in the gaming community. He’s always been a pioneer, a visionary, and a gamer above it, so entering an NFT space should not be a surprise at all.

When it comes to The Sandbox metaverse, it can be described as a mixture of virtual real estate and amusement parks, and it’s based on ethereum blockchain technology. Here users can exchange cryptocurrencies for accessing virtual zones or buying LANDs – a limited number of plots within The Sandbox metaverse. All assets created by users or companies within the ecosystem come in the form of NFTs and can be monetized by selling them to other users. The skatepark and all its assets will be marketed on Autograph’s platform. 

Hawk himself will be in charge of achieving voxel style within the virtual environment. All in-game assets, including obstacles and other elements in the park, will be NFTs and put into circulation later. The goal is to create NFTs inspired by Tony Hawk’s clothing and style. You can expect nothing less than the board he used to perform the legendary “900” at the 1999 X Games.

How much LAND did you say?

Subsequently, all NFTs will be interoperable in The Sandbox metaverse, tweaking Autograph’s high-fidelity avatars into 3D voxel versions with different in-game functionalities for different experiences. A trailer that has already been released showcases options with which users can create their skate challenges.

The park will be 6×6 LANDs in size, the equivalent of 36 LANDs in the game. So to this date, it is the biggest skatepark in Metaverse. One LAND is currently selling at 1.8ETH, and it is available to buy on Opensea. 

Tony Hawk says:

Ive been a lifelong fan of new technology, from early video games and personal computers to the capabilities of CGI, which is why Im fascinated by the metaverse and excited to bring our culture into the virtual environment of The Sandbox.”

Undoubtedly, the creator of this great idea is very excited about what he is doing. He is not shy with his name and achievements, so there’s only one option to call the new virtual space: Tony Hawk Land.


Being a voxel and a blockchain project, the level of immersion and playability will probably not achieve that of THPS 1 or 2. Still, this whole genre has its own fans and a whole new generation of players who have different expectations and are in the game for different reasons than their older counterparts. Tony Hawk always delivered quality; we believe this will be no exception.  

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author: Tatiana Cernochova

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.