Ultra Realistic Boss Bulls NFTs

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  • The Boss Bulls Club is a prestigious NFT project with 9,999 ultra-realistic bulls built on Solana blockchain. They created cool 3D generative artworks with 200 unique attributes and they also want to create BOSS token and P2E game.

There were tons of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) projects created in 2021. However, not many of them can claim they sold out in a few minutes. That’s where The Boss Bulls Club comes in. This NFT project sold out in just 4 minutes! So what is this project and what are they trying to accomplish? 

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The Boss Bulls Club

This NFT project is a prestigious club consisting of 9,999 ultra-realistic and metaverse-ready bulls built on the Solana blockchain. They put a lot of work into this project as the bulls are a 3D generative art with 200 unique attributes! Most projects have a lot fewer attributes to their NFTs. While most NFT projects are pixellated art pieces or apes, these bulls surely stand out from the crowd.

The Boss Bulls Club is not stopping at just NFTs. They have got more plans but most importantly, they believe in quality over quantity. They created beautiful & unique art with uncompromising quality. There’s also visible attention to details as every piece was carefully crafted and they paid attention to every part of the design.

source: bossbullsclub

As the project sold out, the floor price stabilized at 1.6 Solana (SOL) for one NFT and there’s a trading volume of 10,600 SOL (currently more than $1.5 million) to this day. This NFT project is digging into the metaverse sphere, wants to help other projects grow and the BOSS token will be introduced with a number of utilities. NFT holders will get access first and then others can become a part of this journey. 

To this day, Boss Bulls Club successfully created the artworks, launched on an NFT marketplace, and now they’re working on different partnerships. What really got our attention is their plan to launch a play-to-earn (P2E) game at the end of 2022. You can use your NFT to earn BOSS tokens and level up by completing challenges. 

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