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Quick Introduction:

The Harvest is a Player versus Player versus Environment (PvPvE) shooter game played by four teams of three players each. During a match, each team has a base where its ‘essence’ will be stored. As many Essences as possible must be held during the game’s 10 minutes, and the team with the most Essences wins once the counter reaches zero.

Match Loop

Basic Overview

The Harvest has a solid team with a wealth of relevant experience. Detailed descriptions of the team members and advisors are available on The Harvest’s website.  In addition to being diversified, every member of the Harvest team has extensive experience in their field. We’re looking forward to seeing what this team can deliver moving forward based on how strong they appear.

NFT Game Assets

A few forms of NFTs exist in The Harvest. Cards are the main NFTs in The Harvest.There are two types of cards: premium and common.

It is possible to get a shiny premium card if one is lucky. Animated shiny effects and alternative colors will be present in a shiny card. With shiny cards, the player can choose two attributes obtained with mastery points, which will not be chosen at random.

Unlike a premium card, common cards will have all the elements of a premium card except the ID NFT Number, main attributes, and card’s mastery level. The level of the card will be displayed instead. Leveling up a card requires a certain number of copies of the same card and paying $EOL. Upon reaching level 11, a card becomes a premium card, starting at level 0. Upon becoming an NFT, this card will get an ID number, and can also be listed on the marketplace.

Abillity Cards
Companion Cards
Calling Cards


There are two capped tokens in the Harvest’s economy, $HAR and $EOL. This game is intended to be free for everyone. Therefore, there is no financial barrier to playing. The Harvest is a game designed for mass audiences, easy to learn but difficult to master. To earn money, one must display some skill, so playing is easy and free.

$HAR tokens will serve as governance tokens representing financial stakes and voting powers in the DAO. Through $HAR, players can also customize their heroes with skins, NFTs, and other cosmetics.

In-game transactions such as upgrading NFTs and upgrading other in-game items will be possible with the $EOL token. There will also be several sinks or burn mechanics.

Token Usage


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The Harvest project is eagerly anticipated. The rich lore and attention to detail by the team behind the game have created an intriguing universe. We are excited to see the development of the various civilizations and hope the team will maintain a focus on both lore and gameplay.

The game is designed to be competitive, with balanced maps and multiple ways to gather essence to accommodate various playstyles. With team members who bring expertise from companies such as Ubisoft, Gameloft, and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), The Harvest is poised to be a balanced and engaging GameFi title.

We have high hopes for this project and look forward to seeing if The Harvest team will meet their goal of creating a competitive game in the GameFi space.

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