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QORPO Game Studio announces a hot contender in Battle Royale action. The upcoming game AniMate looks like a serious competitor to Illuvium with its charming world and enticing graphics. AniMate has what it takes to be the next ‘big thing’ in the realm of world Battle Royale action. Let’s see what will this open-world experience bring to the table.

MMO RPG AniMate by QORPO Game Studio


  • AniMate will offer an open world stretching across mythical islands.
  • With their upcoming game title, QORPO reinvents the creature-catching action of Pokemon and the gameplay dynamics of Fortnite. 
  • AniMate is built in Unreal Engine 5 to deliver fine graphics, enticing artwork, and immersive gameplay.
  • In AniMate, you don’t just catch the monsters. Players will truly own their AniMates.
  • AniMate offers diverse gameplay in 2 major game modes, suited for high-end gaming desktops and touchscreen devices. 

AniMate Delivers Vast Open World Across Element Islands

With their up-and-coming game, QORPO Game Studio bets on the alluring aesthetics of uncharted yet isolated pieces of miscellaneous land – home to cute, though formidable little monsters. AniMate’s premise hinges around AniMates, the creatures intended to evoke the sentiment of adorable kitties while instilling a crippling sense of precariousness and peril.

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The open world of AniMate arises from 5 fundamental elements. A fire constantly at odds with water, nature, and electric bolts of stormy skies, along with the psychic element. They sculpt the dangers and shape the beauty of the AniMate Islands. Every AniMate belongs to a specific element. These monsters wield different powers and master different abilities based on their elemental origin.

Altogether, AniMate offers the experience of discovering various islands belonging to each of the five elements. Players can also count on the non-combat zone, the city island, along with the largest Element Island, where the wildest action takes place.

A Unique Twist On Traditional Battle Royale Gameplay

While AniMate leans on the traditional open-world game dynamics, QORPO Game Studio developers set themselves to reinvent and enhance the genre. The gameplay walks the players through enigmatic and aesthetically captivating uncharted territories in an effort to evoke their most competitive side. 

AniMate introduces playable human characters which are fully customizable, from their visual appearance to upskilling and leveling opportunities. Most of the gameplay revolves around catching the mythical creatures, AniMates. However, it doesn’t end with just catching. Players need to level them up across several skill trees to serve the human characters. 

To challenge the usual take on the game genre, AniMate will bring two major game modes – Wild and Harmony. The first one will take place on the open world of Element Island. The wild mode represents a fierce challenge bridging Battle Royale and Extraction. Players compete to catch as many AniMates as possible within 20 minutes of battle heat and the island exploration. 

“The limited time to combat and extract the caught AniMates helps the game leverage the competitive side and increase the gameplay action,” explains the company’s CEO, Rastislav Bakala.

With the rise in smartphone games’ popularity, QORPO Game Studio decided to complement the gameplay experience with a strong focus on touchscreens. Harmony mode is tailor-cut for smartphones and introduces a turn-based 1v1 action. Here players combat with the captured AniMates in brisk action on the battlefield. 

“We felt the urge not only to enrich the game by smartphone experience. We consider it crucial to make both game modes complement each other to attain the full cross-platform experience,” Bakala further explained, ”This way, players can access the world of AniMates anytime and anywhere without ever compromising the top-tier quality.”

Players Will Own What They Obtain In The Game

Games created by QORPO Game Studio are focused on the true ownership of in-game assets. In short, everything you buy, win, or get belongs to the players in the real world. This way, you can put your hands on the AniMates and not only digitally keep them within the isolated in-game ecosystem but also own them as digital collectibles and do with them however you prefer. 

Rastislav Bakala elaborates on the issue: “It’s insane how has the free-to-play gaming model slipped downhill. To max out the hero’s abilities and inventory, along with buying new skins, can cost thousands of dollars, and players can’t sell or monetize these assets. That means the player has been feeding the black hole. At QORPO Game Studio, we believe players should truly own what they buy, win, or otherwise obtain in the game.”

To enjoy the full benefits of the QORPO games ecosystem, the studio has also come up with a universal player’s ID, which serves as an all-in-one manager to ensure seamless flow within the entire QORPO universe.

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About QORPO Game Studio: Born of a desire to challenge the limits, since 2018, QORPO Game Studio has been one of the best up-and-coming web3 games development studios with headquarters in Slovakia, strong ties to Dubai, and a web of affiliates around the world. 

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