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  • Vandal City is a new project with a lot of hype that plans to create a blockchain game, NFT collection, and its own native token $VAULT. 

NFT and the crypto community is hungry for cool projects as it’s always more exciting to look for new possibilities. One of the newest projects to come to life is called Vandal City, appearing at the beginning of May. Come and look at it with us. We’ll show you the essential information. 

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Vandal City Project Explained

There’s a lot of mystery to this project as not all information has been announced but one thing is certain; there’s a lot of hype around the Vandal City. This project plans to release an NFT collection, however, supply, mint price, and other important information are not known to the public yet. It’s in the status of “to be announced” (TBA). 

Vandal City’s website is not online yet and their Discord is closed, so the only thing you can watch at the moment is their Twitter page. Vandal City claims to be the home of multi-millionaires hiding away in their skyscraper homes and private estates and is being taken over by a band of bandits & bank robbers.

The project also plans to launch its own NFT game with its native token $VAULT. Vandals have entered Vandal City with a particular set of skills that they’re ready to put to the test. They use the $VAULT token to crack the codes of the multi-millionaires bank vaults and take what they deserve. They have been preparing for this moment in the shadows for years, and now they’re ready to unlock the $VAULT.

Vandal City is a lifestyle and $VAULT is yours to take. The project believes that the blockchain and NFT community is a place for collaborative games, where the job alone can be hard but with some help, anything is possible. Crew up, find the code, and share the rewards.


Vandal City is a new concept of a blockchain game that will incorporate NFTs and its own cryptocurrency, and it’s only at the beginning. If you want to catch the next great project, make sure you follow Vandal City on their Twitter page and look out for more information coming soon.

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author: Rene Remsik

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