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Introduction: Koakuma

Koakuma P2E is an ARPG blockchain game and is built on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. This game can be played both on PC and mobiles, both android and IOS. However, currently, this is available on PC only. Koakuma will develop access to mobile in this game during the later part of the development.

You might see a little similarity between World of Warcraft and Diablo in Koakuma, a P2E game inspired by them. The game’s genre is MMORPG which means we can play it together with our friends.



The storyline of this game starts with a massive meteorite hitting the earth and splitting the lands, followed by 100 days of nonstop rainfall. Life spawned and civilizations developed in the different lands, leading to the setting of the game in the medieval era of land conquests and wars. The main objective of this game is to conquer Laria, the world of the game. There are also skins available as the game progresses, such as Crane and monsters that you may encounter.

koakuma P2E Game Review

The gameplay features the usual elements of an MMORPG, including world maps, dungeons, and bosses that need to be defeated in order to complete the dungeons. You can also collect NFT items that are dropped in dungeons and craft them to create powerful or limited items for your ingame character. This game also has an IMP (Pet) System, where IMPs can provide buffs and resources to your character. Most of the items in this game are NFTs.

The social media engagements are encouraging indicating the community’s active role in the ecosystem.

Social Media Growth

Competitive Advantage:

The Koakuma P2E game has very vibrant graphics which make it more interactive to play. The background music is quite chilling. Marion effect damage has been used with swords and the character has leveled up to level five and been equipped with Rune and gear. There are four different stats:

  • Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Dexterity
  • Vitality

After encountering the map and the boss, the character has gone straight to the boss as the enemies are too weak. Ultra Teams Up with Koakuma to Bring Their MMO-ARPG to Ultra Games. This means that the core team is actively working to expand their community and bring more people to the game.

Koakuma p2e game review 2023

User acquisition has always been a challenge for games, most especially for independent game developers and studios. We think having our game distributed by Ultra and tapping into their community would help us reach our target market of gamers, not only in the blockchain but also in traditional gaming.

CEO Koakuma Game,  Karasu Koakuma

NFT Rarity:

Koakuma offers PVE, FIEF, Scholarship System, PVP, and Production or crafting items which are NFTs. In PVP and PVE, aside from the token, players can win NFT items. Gather NFT drops or purchase special NFT items like Lord Mask or Lord Tiara with $KKMA token to obtain these items.

These NFT weapons and gears have different skins that anyone can get through NFT sales. As for our Scholarship system, the split share and scholar share will go directly to the scholar’s wallet and the % share will depend on the discretion of the guild.

The distribution of $KKMA is not final at the moment, but we can expect a well-organized scholarship system. So keep an eye out for future announcements for more details!

NFT Rarity


The dual token economy of $KKMA and $BOD is an integral part of the game economy. $KKMA is the governance token, while $BOD is the in-game utility token. Ingame transactions can be paid for using these tokens. Special events may drop $KKMA in the game, but usually, $BOD is dropped by default.

The drop of $BOD and other NFT items is the main source of income for the game. The token utility is an important aspect of the game economy, and the game provides several utilities for players to earn revenue. These possible sources or game features can help players earn rewards for their contributions.


Koakuma is an ARPG blockchain game developed on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. It is inspired by World of Warcraft and Diablo and is an MMORPG, that allows players to join together to conquer the world of Laria. It has a dual token economy of $KKMA and $BOD, with $BOD being the main source of income for the game. Players can earn rewards for their contributions through special events and ingame transactions.

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