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The Uniswap team has been releasing teasers for the third version (v3). However no official start up date has been set.

What Can We Expect from v3?

As the current state is Uniswap too expensive for most of the smaller DeFi trades, the most estimated improvement is Layer 2 scaling. Uniswap is likely to use Optimism for its L2 solutions which are based upon optimistic rollups.

Some analysts expect UNI prices to go even higher after v3 is released.

Liquidity accelerated in September 2020 when Uniswap launched its UNI token and four ETH pools to farm it. The same is likely to happen if it repeats the incentives to coincide with the v3 launch.

An airdrop could possibly follow the launch. Uniswap has already done this and a lot of the tokens were sold on the market prematurely.

A possible large user interface adjustment

At this time, the exchange is a bit clunky to use for the uninitiated. A markedly improved user experience will automate a lot of things. 

A native Uniswap wallet may also be in the cards. This wallet will intent to reduce the need to link to third-party ones.

UNI Price Update

UNI prices have reached $33.18, and the Market cap is $17,307,615,270, at the time of press.


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