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If you are interested in cryptocurrency, you easily get lost with information overflow and many tokens currently on the market. The crypto field is still at the beginning and, unfortunately mostly driven by profit and not by technology or real use case-solving problems. Newspapers headline repeat that Bitcoin and DeFI will disrupt the banking industry. Finance is not the only one being disrupted, and the other one is the gaming industry. Today we will look at one hidden gem compared to the competitionIOI Token.

The nonfungible token era coming

This is even more inevitable with Nonfungible tokens popularity rising since their number one use case is gaming. The players can benefit from much more features incorporated into the NFTs, like staking yields. Moreover, you can hold the NFT long-term, expecting value appreciation, or sell it on the marketplace. 

Not many projects on the market are worth mentioning because developing a good game engaging community takes time. Fortunately, there are exceptions like the Trade Race Manager, the NFT game developed by IOI Corporation.  This project is starting its token listing at market capitalization under $ 1 million and today, we will give you a reason why you should definitely buy it even for long-term “hodl”.

Trade Race Manager is an NFT game-changer

The original idea was born almost two years ago. Today the game is ready as a working product, and the own IOI token is coming to exchanges these days. Trade Race Manager is the first-ever NFT trading game connecting trading and gaming, making this combination a unique niche. They have presented the NFT family with staking rewards implemented, which can be used directly in-game for racing or like affiliate avatars.

Why you should buy the IOI token at the listing price?

We will not deeply evaluate any token use cases or game functionalities but focus more on token metrics and fundamental data compared with the competition.

Nevertheless, the IOI Corporation is striving to develop an interoperable platform for tokens and NFTs currently running on Ethereum and Polygon, with more chains coming soon.

Trade Race Manager, with its unique idea of trading via NFT gaming, does not have any direct competition, but there are some gaming platforms on the market like My Neighbour Alice, Alien World, Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and REVV.

Undervalued gem by the diluted market capitalization

Since every project is in a different development stage with different circulating supply, we will compare them not by the market but by diluted capitalization. The calculation is very straightforward, multiplying the total token supply times token price. The IOI token listing price is $ 0,4 and as you can see, to buy it at the listing price is an excellent deal and the price can go really to the moon.

Comparison by diluted market cap.

Considering that Trade Race Manager will launch another game,  there will be even more demand for IOI tokens and more upside price growth potential.

Please be aware that this is just a simple overview of the Trade Race Manager, and you can find out more in the previous article. Once the IOI Token is live on exchanges, we can do real calculations or comparisons and help you to evaluate even more the future project potential.


Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.