Blinder NFTs Went up by 10x in a Bear Market!

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  • Last week, we wrote a blog about NFTs that went up by 10x. The NFT is called Tonhy “Blinder” Messina, and it’s next-gen gaming NFT with a limited quantity of only 100 pieces. 

Last week, we wrote a blog about Blinder NFTs sale on QORPO Market, which consisted of 100 next-gen gaming NFTs from Crypto Citizen. While the bearish sentiment is taking over everyone’s mindset, these NFTs skyrocketed in value in just a few days! 

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Blinder NFTs Went Up By 10x

Crypto Citizen is a long-awaited metaverse game that is coming soon. In the meantime, they launched two successful Alpha Tests and gave out thousands of dollars to its community for participating. Drag Races and Fighting Games were the first phase of Crypto Citizen, and FPS is the next phase. Tonhy “Blinder” Messina is a unique NFT with a limited quantity of only 100 pieces. 

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This NFT is also interoperable within the whole Crypto Citizen ecosystem, including Drag Races, Fighting Games, Citizen Conflict (FPS), and the upcoming final phase, the open-world Metaverse. On June 8, we blogged about this NFT sale for $250 apiece. However, the price skyrocketed only a few days later to almost $2,500; then it stabilized at around $1,700 on average per NFT

There’s a great quote saying, „buy when there’s blood on the streets,“ which was probably one of those examples. Blinder NFTs are up several hundred percent, and the uptrend hasn’t even started in the crypto market. Actually, the opposite. When the market bounces back, these NFTs could explode even more. We expect the prices of these NFTs to stabilize in the long-term, or at least until the game officially launches.

In the meantime…

There’s a strong downtrend that won’t just stop in a single day, so the main thing is to have reserves in stablecoins and survive. Unfortunately, the value of your NFT and crypto holdings may decrease even more in the next few weeks, but it shouldn’t take too long as Bitcoin is already down by 70%, Ethereum by 80%, and other altcoins by more than 90%. 


Making a profit on NFTs in a bear market may be challenging, but it doesn’t mean it’s not doable. We gave you this tip one week ago and will continue to provide more NFT tips in the future. So stay tuned and follow our social media to be updated.

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