Why KaijuKingz NFT Collection Minted For Free

Free mint? Apparently yes. KaijuKingz Scientist is the one such NFT collection to experiment with free mint on pixelated NFTs. There was only a gas fee (average of $7.1) that users have to pay during the 48 hours window provided on May 16th, 2022. The collection was uncapped meaning there was no maximum number of NFTs, but there was 1 NFT mint allowed per wallet. Let’s dive deeper to find out, what was worth trying and how is it going for the creators and collectors.

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KaijuKingz NFTs

All KaijuKingz Scientist NFTs were free to mint yet upgradeable for a minimum of 0.066 ETH. The KaijuKingz Scientist ecosystem includes a $SCALES token, NFTs, and a P2E Monster x Monster game. The more you upgrade your free minted NFT the more you’ll be getting the P2E perks while the native token was to be awarded to all KaijuKingz Scientist NFT holders. “Scientists will come to play such an important role in KaijuKaijuKingz Scientiste’s ecosystem and in the future development of the brand and Monster X Monster” as written by KaijuKingz Scientist. The free but upgradable NFTs are a new approach that is being tested by the KaijuKingz Scientist NFTs.

The upgradeable feature still gives the creator an incentive as there is no mint fee. Also, the creators have made these NFTs more than a PFP collection. These pixelated images have the core roles in the P2E ecosystem of the KaijuKingz Scientist. As the collectors inject more Ethereum into their KaijuKingz Scientist, these NFTs start to turn into a better and more presentable NFT. Scientist Mint closed on May 19 and over 50,000 Scientists were Minted along with over 18,000 Combat Training Completed.

Monster x Monster P2E Game

Out of these minted numbers, 6,600 are the most upgraded NFTs which are now listed on Opensea for secondary sales with the floor price of 0.85 ETH. The sale volume is over 28.7k ETH. This NFT was sold for 50 ETH about 7 months ago – which is quite a lot from a free-minted NFT. The same NFT was bought for 25 WETH 8 months ago, and the buyer flipped it for 100% price gain.

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It’s obvious that KaijuKingz Scientist has played pretty smartly to attract the community by offering free mints and through the upgradable feature they have filtered out the serious collectors who are committed to exploring the rest of the KaijuKingz Scientist ecosystem. The upgradeable feature has already won the creators more than they would have earned from a fixed mint price. I think more NFT projects will follow this approach in the future.

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