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Quick Summary

  • Cancel Culture is a brand new NFT project with long-term planning and striking designs. It will be running on the Ethereum network, with supply and price yet to be announced. 

The world is ever-changing, evolving, and adapting. When analog turned digital, it led to a massive shift in a modern lifestyle and social media consumption. We moved to the internet with mass adoption and now rely on it to keep us connected, informed, engaged, enraged, and entertained. How did you end up here reading this? Originality is what makes things stand out, and Cancel Culture made a collection that is totally out of this world.

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What is Cancel Culture NFT?

Cancel Culture is a unique NFT project that will mint on the Ethereum blockchain with a limited quantity. However, the supply and price are yet to be announced (TBA). The minting site will be published on a launch day, where you’ll need a Metamask wallet to be able to get one NFT artwork. Cancel Culture goes way beyond original and unique art. Their NFT collection is something you’ve never seen before.

Jay, the founder of Cancel Culture, is a 10+ year veteran of professional content creation and vastly experienced in online ‘influencer’ culture. The project concept is derived from this experience: endurance, utilization, and constant observation in an ever-evolving space. The project’s foundations were established in early September 2021, with the first Miro project board being created on the 21st of the same month. Cancel Culture draws inspiration from popular culture, media lifestyle, and trending events, fused with a dystopian twist. A solid artistic base, created with observation and social satire. 

“We are very proud of our art and chose not to rush the process. Instead, our artwork has been carefully planned, created, and curated to deliver something truly unique to the NFT space,” Jay stated.

Cancel Culture aims to be more than just your next pfp project. However, they do not wish to set the entire vision in stone pre-launch. Instead, Cancel Culture believes it is best to remain flexible, listen to the community and build the project together with the community. Their art and community will always come first.

Cancel Culture still has plenty of plans post-launch, though, the ‘Cancel Club’ being one of them. The project wishes to create a holder-only community/private portfolio space where enthusiasts, investors, professionals, and quality persons of all creative and technical fields can connect and network together. Connections are invaluable in any area, and with that in mind, they will also be working towards plenty of partnership and collaboration opportunities both pre and post-launch.

Important Information About Cancel Culture

  • The founder of Cancel Culture is doxxed with 10+ years of experience building a channel/community and a brand on YouTube, accumulating 1.7+ million subs and over 500 million unique views
  • Unique and thoughtful art style to fit the branding, different from the usual projects releasing day to day
  • Working with Metaseed Labs, launch devs of Alienfrens, and recently Chris Brown’s new NFT project
  • Goals to create a private portfolio space for holders to network (somewhat like a private LinkedIn) 
  • Flexibility in future roadmap and focus on community
  • It’s an Alpha Call, and it’s early to find this project. Currently, the only way to potentially gain a whitelist (WL) is to follow Twitter and wait for announcements.


Their Discord channel is currently closed, so the only way to be in touch with Cancel Culture is to follow their Twitter, turn on a ring bell and wait for notifications. It’s not every day you see projects like Cancel Culture, so make sure you stay close. 

Follow Cancel Culture: Website | Twitter | Discord – closed | 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.