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On September 2022, an AMA was held between SpaceMetaverse and the CEO of the Crypto Citizen project, one of the most anticipated projects. Rastislav Bakala answered the 21 questions.

21 Questions

  1. A Sentence that makes you think about Metaverse“A space of unlimited opportunities for every single industry without third person’s authority“. 
  2. Metaverse meaning to you?“Metaverse isn’t a thing that company builds, it’s a natural evolution of socializing and doing the business and the way we do business in the current way”.
  3. Why is The Metaverse Important?“The metaverse will completely change the way we interact with the people and our friends. The global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns also left a major impact on life, as we had known it. Ironically, it also gave a huge push to the metaverse, as more people embraced the idea of living indoors and connecting only virtually. Metaverse is a virtual universe where users have access to digital avatars that let them “live” in this digital world. In the metaverse, people can connect with friends, buy and trade digital assets, take virtual trips to digital locations (which may be wholly imagined or may have real-life counterparts). Metaverse can be also understood as a virtual world that goes beyond or acts as an extension of our physical world. It’s made up of interoperable technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, and it runs on a functional digital economy that can be powered by digital currencies or cryptocurrencies”.
  4. Biggest bear market misconception? –  “You can easily find out who is the real builder, and who is not. People should follow golden rules of the market principles, invest in the builders when there is a best opportunity on the market, and of course it’s now, in a bear market”.
  5. The inspiration behind your project in one sentence?“Create the world, where you can monetize your time in a digital world and be part of the community driven open Metaverse”.
  6. When people see your project, what do you want them to remember you for?“Real you is not enough. It’s not just a claim, it’s a vision behind our project, because majority of the people already spent more time in the on-line world than in the physical one. You can be who ever you want in metaverse”. 
  7. Tokenomics?“$CCASH is a decentralized protocol layer for Crypto Citizen community that drives the future of Metaverse and CCASH Token is generated only from company profits and every time it’s used inside the Crypto Citizen’s Metaverse, it will be forever burned”.
  8. Virtual vs. augmented reality metaverse experiences? What is more important?“The time hasn’t come yet for virtual reality, because the user base in the biggest VR projects is not that developed, because the glasses are not affordable for the majority of the users, also the user experience and the usage of products such as Oculus is not good enough yet.This is a really hard question to answer. Augmented reality has the purpose of adding to reality, meanwhile, virtual reality replaces reality, completely simulating the virtual environment. We regularly take advantage of Augmented reality nowadays, but not many people have tried virtual reality in real life yet”.
  9. Your vision?“Find the people who challenge you and inspire you. Spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life”. 
  10. Why rule and earn? “Main point is the governance achieved through the CCASH ownership. You can not only make money, but with the increasing CCASH your Citizen Ranking rises. The higher your Citizen Ranking is, the greater power you have, therefore you strengthen your word in our Metaverse as a ruler”. 
  11. Crypto Citizen can you explain what it is?“Crypto Citizen is an IP branded Free to Play and Earn MMORPG  situated in the Persistent Open World sandbox with an intriguing storyline set in a dystopian futuristic ecosystem of the fictional universe – Ether Island”.
  12. Can you introduce Citizen Conflict?“Citizen Conflict is the first title under Crypto Citizen IP. It’s a Hero Shooter experience (TPS) built in Unreal Engine 5 with next-gen environments, physics, and gameplay options never seen before in Crypto. Players have an option of attending tournaments in various game modes such as Extraction, Rush, or Battle royale!” 
  13. What is the current development progress of Crypto Citizen? When will the game be launched? Any roadmap or future plan?“I would like to point out at the beginning that we are still in Alpha, therefore, changes can be made in the final product version. We are on an especially great way in terms of the development progress by AAA standards, and we plan to keep it that way. We already had our first closed alpha test on Gamescom, now we are coming to present another gameplay test to Singapore, Token2049 and then we’re planning to test the game with the esports players from Central Europe. We plan to grant access to the public alpha test early in December”. 
  14. Do you need to play for many hours to be able to earn? Would it be possible for a casual gamer to earn too?“We get inspiration from the classic AAA games such as Overwatch, Apex Legends, where players have daily missions with rewards. Thanks to the ingame currency, users can buy mystery boxes and generate CCASH and other NFTs, this is the only way users will be able to get CCASH. It will absolutely be possible for casual gamers to earn. Of course, the more time you invest, the greater reward you’ll receive, but I can assure you that we’re working on a fair system that rewards casual players that spend even only 30 minutes playing”.
  15. Would Crypto Citizen be playable only on expensive hardware to play the game? Also, will it be web-based or PC-only? Do you have any plans to launch the mobile version?“For the alpha test yes, we will prefer users with the high quality computers. For the final version, the game will be of course fully optimized and will be available to be played on all the computers. By next year, we would like to start the development for mobile devices, because we understand the importance of mobile gaming”.
  16. Can you tell us about the background and experience of your project development team? And how will they carry out your project during the current incoming economic crisis and this bear market?“QORPO has over 100 employees with experience from companies such as EA, Gameloft, or Blizzard – most of them located in Bratislava. Of course, it is not something we can influence, but we will do our best to adapt to the market conditions”.
  17. The crypto industry is a fast-paced industry, how flexible is your project to be able to keep up with changes quickly and technology trends?“We’ve made a tremendous change at the beginning of the year when we shifted the entire development from Unity to Unreal Engine 5. This change had a significant influence on adaptability, as we understood that we needed to do better to become the number one project”. 
  18. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Citizen Conflict in comparison with other shooter games?“First of all, its free to play. In comparison with AAA titles now, users currently pay to play the game, in Crypto Citizen, we pay you to play the game. The disadvantage for us could be that we’re a relatively unknown company for the wide public world outside of crypto”.
  19. What is the most important feature that distinguishes you from other play-to-earn projects? “Definitely the graphic design and the game quality, as we are using the most advanced technology available on the world class level of companies like Electronic Arts, Activision or Sony”. 
  20. Non-crypto gamers are important for mainstream adoption. How are you planning to attract non-crypto gamers to your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will bring them to you? “At the moment, our primary focus is to make the greatest product possible. However, we’ve talked with some interesting worldwide known influencers and, upon mutual agreement, signed a deal. You will certainly see Crypto Citizen outside the crypto, I can assure you. We want to become the partners of the biggest esports organization the Central Europe. After that, our goal is to become the esports game. also through our NFT marketplace, we’re doing the regular campaigns for famous artists in the Central Europe”.
  21. Our last question, is there anything you would like to tell the audience? “We would be extremely happy to meet every one of you at the Singapore event, where we have a meeting booth, users will be able to play the pre-alpha version of the game and win various rewards such as NFTs. So come and join us, and be part of the Crypto Citizen Metaverse”.


Rastislav Bakala gave excellent answers to all 21 questions that were put to him. Crypto Citizen looks very attractive, and in my opinion, it will be the best game to be launched.

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