Exverse – First Ever Battle Metaverse

Quick Summary 

  • Exverse mission is to overcome the current onboarding barrier of general gamers into Web3 by providing never used before in-game economy solutions and outstanding gaming experience. 
  • Exverse is part of community 500+ UE developers and is one of the semi-finalists in the Unreal Engine Contest 2021.

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What is Exverse?

Exverse is a gamers companion as they explore adventurous quests, participate in battle tournaments, celebrate, and engage through social activities.

  • First-of-a-kind rewarding structure comprising of tokens and coupons to make gaming a lucrative adventure for gamers all across the world. 
  • Bringing fun and interactive gameplay enriched with engaging lore, stories, and characters. 
  • Meet and collaborate with people from all walks of life through social activities.
  • Empowering gamers to own in-game assets to level up the gaming experience.

Exverse potential and target audience

Exverse can have applications in 3 important and progressive sectors:

  • Metaverse may generate up to 5 trillion USD in impact by 2030.
  • Gaming industry is more significant than the film and music industry combined 3.2 billion global gaming community.
  • The NFT and GameFi industry is undoubtedly progressive and has a 92% increase in active blockchain games this year. 
This game is full of opportunities

Exverse metaverse encompasses three distinct planets, each with a unique set of offerings and dedicated to optimize the overall user experience.


The perspective of this project is seen by globally known projects such as Polygon, Near Protocol, Human, Black Swan Dao, and Qorpo.


This game is, in our opinion, a very interesting game with much room for growth. Players have a choice of 3 worlds that are specific and defined by very high-quality graphics. Very bullish for this project is the interest of globally known projects.

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