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Every crypto project’s success is backed up not only by the quality of the product, the vision and community. To launch an NFT project with an impact, it has to align with the currently trending narrative. Like it or not, crypto space is driven by hype. As of today, we are once again getting stuck with Memes. 

Why meme coins rock in 2024

Top Trending Crypto Categories Today

No tech innovators, just funny memes. One of the world’s biggest crypto data aggregators’ X post wraps it all up: crypto space yearns for kitties, doggos and memes.

CoinGecko’s top trending categories

The most heated meme coins

In a stunning turn of events, the cryptocurrency market has been overtaken by a surge in meme coin popularity, with assets like Shiba Inu, PEPE, and Dogecoin leading the charge. Notably, PEPE has seen an astonishing 371% increase, closely followed by Dogwifhat (WIF) with a 351% uptick, FLOKI with 331%, BONK at 182%, and Shiba Inu (SHIB) with a 177% rise, all within a mere week.

Top meme coins according to ConMarketCap
Source: CoinMarketCap

This surge has not only captured the attention of the crypto community but also prompted analysis from industry experts. Among them, Andrew Kang, co-founder and partner at Mechanism Capital, has offered insightful commentary on the meme coin phenomenon. Via X, Kang highlighted the underlying reasons for their popularity, emphasizing the unique position meme coins hold as a speculative tool that’s both accessible and engaging on a global scale.

Meme coins: a skill-based global lottery platform?

Kang pointed out the significant growth potential of meme coins, drawing parallels with past market cycles where meme coin market capitalization reached as high as $100 billion. He anticipates even greater heights in the current cycle, supported by the increasing interest from a diverse range of investors, including high-net-worth individuals, hedge funds, and traditional financial institutions.

Describing the meme coin market as a “Skill-based Global Lottery Platform,” Kang elaborates on its appeal as part investment, part community effort, and part viral trend. This combination not only makes meme coin trading exciting but also fosters a sense of camaraderie among participants.

Kang also ventures a comparison between the meme coin market and the global lottery industry, which saw $300 billion in sales in 2020, to underscore the potential scale of meme coin growth. He argues that the simplicity and speculative nature of meme coins could attract significant investment, potentially overshadowing more complex and niche cryptocurrency projects.

Today’s king of meme coins

Dogecoin's success according to Andrew Kang

Particularly, Kang hails Dogecoin as the “King of Meme Coins,” citing its potential for real-world application and the possibility of high-profile endorsements, which could further solidify its dominance in the meme coin space.

As of the latest reports, Shiba Inu’s price has reached $0.00002642, indicating a continued interest and investment in meme coins. With charts and trends pointing upwards, these digital assets remain a focal point of discussion within the cryptocurrency market.

This analysis serves as a reminder of the volatile and speculative nature of investing in cryptocurrencies, with meme coins presenting both significant risks and potential rewards. Investors are encouraged to conduct thorough research and consider their investment strategies carefully.

Risks and volatility

The cryptocurrency directory CoinMarketCap features over 1,300 entries under its Meme Coin category. Despite this large number, only a fraction, including notable names like Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Bonk, and Pepe, along with roughly 50 others, maintain a daily trading volume exceeding $1 million. The majority of the listed meme coins, spanning about nine pages, lack active trading and hold negligible value.

These digital assets are widely acknowledged for their high risk and volatility within the market. Media outlets and investment analysts often describe meme coins as part of pump-and-dump arrangements, where their value is artificially inflated for profit, only to be abandoned. While some meme coins are created as humorous ventures, they occasionally gain traction among investors and enthusiasts, drawing attention and capital.


  • Educational Tool: Meme coins offer a playful entry point for newcomers to familiarize themselves with cryptocurrency and blockchain fundamentals.
  • Profit Potential: There’s a chance to make gains if the market value of these coins increases.
  • Community Engagement: Investors can join vibrant and active communities centered around trading and discussing meme coins.


  • Volatility: Meme coins are known for their unpredictability and high risk, making investments quite speculative.
  • Scam Concerns: There are frequent allegations that some of such coins are involved in pump-and-dump schemes, where prices are artificially inflated for profit by early holders at the expense of later investors.
  • Complexity for Beginners: Despite their fun facade, the technology behind meme coins can be daunting for those not well-versed in digital currencies.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.