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Quick Summary:

  • Blockchain games have existed since 2017, gaining more wide-spread attention from the video game industry in 2021.
  • There are a lot of games being made in this industry, but I would like to highlight the 3 that have the most potential and have a doxxed team and an excellent team behind them.

Until 2021, no game could be said to be competitive with Web2 games. The first model of these games was built on a play-to-earn model. However, Axie Infinity’s model showed the whole market that this was not sustainable and that this system had to undergo a significant change, which was certainly reflected in the progression of GameFi tokens, which experienced a lot of hype during the Bull Run but on the other hand also experienced the biggest bleeding during the Bear market.

The Difference

Despite all these things, in 2022, exciting projects have started to emerge from game developers that can easily compete with even Web2 games in the future. In the case of Web3 games, the significant competitive advantage over Web2 games is the monetization of gameplay time, for example, through the acquisition of NFTs, which can then be sold on Marketplaces. Also, the industry faces an exciting challenge, namely interoperability between games, i.e., players will be able to use assets from one game in another.

There are a lot of games being made in this industry, but I would like to highlight the 3 that have the most potential and have a doxxed team and an excellent team behind them.

Off The Grid

Short Summary: It’s a dystopian Battle Royale developed in collaboration with Neill Blomkamp that emphasizes narrative progression and evolution of the genre. There is a real-time PvP skirmish map inhabited by other players as well as a storyline map occupied by players. Game is developed by Gunzilla and Planned Release: 2023.

As well as 150 players competing against one another, Off The Grid also includes real-time PvE (player versus environment) missions, where player actions affect how the story unfolds (and therefore how other players play).

Off the Grid looks great in the trailer, but we’ll have to wait for the real gameplay footage because the reality might be different.

Citizen Conflict

Short Summary: Citizen Conflict is a free-to-play, team-based shooter game set in the dystopian
world of Ether Island, where every match is fight for survival and valuable loot! Upcoming AAA experience is build in Unreal 5 engine by the gaming industry veterans and pro e-sport players to deliver high competitive product for everybody. This world will either break you or make you and it is only up to you to become a legend and rule your way. Hone your skills, level up, upgrade your gear and win big
in PVP tournaments.

The game offers players the opportunity to choose from various heroes and characters, climb up the citizen ranking ladder, and in a new immersive world. The Cybercash token ($CCASH) is required for all in-game transactions. Game is developed by QORPO Games Studio and Planned Release: 2023.

Citizen Conflict has already released gameplay, which I think is a better case than The Off Grid, as the gameplay is already more credible than the trailer. The game itself looks really cool, and I think players have a lot to look forward to.


Short Summary: This game is a first-person shooter, but with a twist. The developers of web3 games give full ownership of the game as well as the in-game assets. The Earth experiences changes no one could have predicted as an asteroid collides with the moon, changing the Earth’s makeup from what had been expected. The playing field becomes divided as a number of groups compete against one another to extract newfound resources in the “Sacrifice Zone” or “The Zone.”

Players join Mercenary Extraction Forces, battling it out with other players to see who makes it out on top. Character classes have interchangeable components. Every battle differs from the last due to these play styles and approaches. As a result of the changes in mechanics, players will be able to enhance the gameplay to best suit their needs and create exciting situations. The game Shrapnel is only available in multiplayer mode. Shrapnel is developed by a team of people from different companies.


All 3 games look very gorgeous and high quality, but Off the Grid only has a trailer and no gameplay video. According to me, Citizen Conflict and Shrapnel are the closest to the finish line, and they’ll be battling for the top spot.

I’ve also gotten answers to my questions from these games, and I’d like to cover these games in more detail in future articles, so you’ve got that to look forward to!

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.