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  • Solana is continuing to grow in its popularity, usage and price. That’s why it’s becoming a preferred choice by creators to launch their projects on Solana. The TOP 3 upcoming Solana projects are Solysis, Solstop and Invokers.

Ethereum has been and still is the biggest blockchain where people build decentralized applications (dApps), services and products. However, Solana became very popular in 2021 because of its similar use case to Ethereum but it has much faster transactions and lower costs. In this blog, we’ll look at the TOP 3 upcoming projects that are launching on the Solana blockchain. These projects are Solysis, Solspot and Invokers.

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TOP 3 Upcoming Solana Utility Projects


Solysis is a unique technical NFT tool on Solana, which will have analytical and minting features.   Solysis tool collects and charts analytical data about NFT collections, provides a minting bot and with their Alpha calls helps you find hidden gems in the Solana Universe. Solysis refers to its product as “the best tool for everyday traders.”

Solysis is a combination of two words: Solana and Analysis. They are currently developing a tool that helps its NFT holders understand the current situation of the selected collection better. Other than standard information found on secondary marketplaces, they plan to develop the following functionalities

-Price distribution of listed NFTs. This along with big volume helps to catch pump trends in collections. 

-Listing/Delisting count in the past selected timeframe. From this data, Solysis can see whether the floor price of the collection is manipulated by bots or it accurately shows the interest of the community. 

-Highlight whale transactions. 

-Alerts on set price targets. 

-Accurate and clear data charts and much more.

Solysis Pass

Solysis pass mainly represents access to their analysis tool, membership in DAO and daily alpha. The analysis tool should be especially helpful for people that are trying to “flip” NFTs (short-term investors). Therefore our alpha will be oriented for more mid-long term plays in NFT space.

1111 Solysis passes as part of NFT genesis collection 0 gives you membership access to use utility tools. There is a strong community and partners behind Solysis and they are expected to be sold out really fast. For more information, join their Discord or check out their website during the mint.

Mint Date: 24/04/22, around 7 PM UTC | Mint Price: 1.5 SOL | Supply: 1111

Follow Solysis here: Twitter | Discord | Roadmap | NFT Showcase


Solspot is a social platform rooted in the Solana metaverse. A Solspot profile is a quick snapshot of who you are and is automatically generated based on your Solana activity. Each profile can be customized in a way that makes it unique and personal. All data submitted by a user is stored directly on the Solana blockchain, making Solspot a truly decentralized application (dApp).

A Solspot profile is composed of widgets chosen by the profile owner. Each widget has a different purpose, enabling unique profiles to be created that illustrate the uniqueness of every individual in the Solana metaverse. Now let’s have a look at some of the features of Solspot:

  • Each profile can be customized/personalized in a way that makes it unique and personal.
  • Most profile data is automatically pulled from the Solana blockchain.
  • you can share and show off your profile in many exciting ways.

If you want to start using Solspot, you just have to connect some Solana-based wallet like Solflare or Phantom and you’re good to go. This project is pretty new and ready to launch. If you think Solspot can make it far, become a part of their upcoming minting (on Magic Eden launchpad) that’s happening in 2 days! Follow their Twitter or Discord for more info.

Follow Solspot: Website | Twitter | Discord 


InvokersElves is a Utility induced ecosystem, consisting of InvokersMMO, InvokersDeFi, InvokersTavern, InvokersRoyalty, and more coming soon. With $IV as its main currency, Invokers aims to be the #1 Gamified Passive Income project on Solana. InvokersMMO is a play2earn (P2E) MMORPG built on Solana, where players complete quests, fulfill campaigns and enjoy PvE and PvP gameplay. 

Invokers are still considered a new project but it already has a staking system on its website under InvokersDeFi. InvokersNFTs are stakeable, playable & tradable. 5,000 InvokersNFTs yield 10 $IV daily through their in-house staking platform. You can earn 10-20 $IV tokens for every Invokers NFT you hold every day! The tokens are accumulated automatically without any need to claim them. If you want to earn their tokens, connect your Solana-based wallet through their website. 

Mint date for Invokers is set for 30/04/22 with a price of 1 SOL per NFT. A total of 5,000 gaming NFTs will be available for sale. This project is the TOP one on this list as it has its own blockchain game, NFTs, cryptocurrency, staking program, marketplace, and much more to discover soon! 

Follow Invokers: Website | Twitter | Discord | Medium | YouTube | MagicEden


Solana is rising in popularity, usage, and price very steadily, and thus, the projects that are created on Solana have a huge chance of succeeding. If you agree, get into crypto/NFT projects that are Solana-based. Now we gave you 3 tips for very promising upcoming projects but make sure you do more due diligence before investing. We only tried to summarize the basic important information. Good luck!

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author: Rene Remsik

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.