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Introduction: Mirandus

Mirandus is yet another project from Gala Games, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), and a fantasy world for the creators based on blockchain technology. Gala Games is home to several blockchain games. With the focus on “Fun First”, Gala Games offer a user-owned environment and community-oriented game models. Currently, more than 16,000 player-run nodes are powering the ecosystem and making it decentralized. The fantasy RPG, Mirandus is one such game in the development phase.



The role-playing game Mirandus takes place in the wilderness of a fantasy world with no maps and predetermined heist missions. The game involves the monster fighting theme in the deep woods and dungeons. Players can roam around freely in the wilderness and choose their own quests and fight the dungeon bosses.

As a reward, they can own in-game items and land deeds which range from very small patches to entire cities. The in-game items include magic, weapons, health, food, cosmetics, and more. These assets are interchangeable with the tokens and can be traded on the marketplace for potential rewards. Choose your own story in the players’ owned ecosystem by conducting business in the citadel or joining the monarchs as a knight.

NFT Rarity:

Mirandus is an NFT-rich game with a lot of options to explore and incentivize the players by offering quality gameplay. It includes Exemplars, land deeds, virtual shops, ships, docks, buildings, and other in-game assets.

Mirandus Buildings

Since Mirandus is a role-playing game, it involves 5 playable characters, the Examplers, with different stories and all are Non-Fungible Tokens living on the blockchain.

  1. ELF
  2. Halfling
  3. Dwarf
  4. Orc
  5. Human

Elf and Halfling are 100% sold, Humans are already 99% sold. Orcs are 74% sold out while 82% of the Dwarfs are already sold out. The following chart shows the characteristic differences between these NFTs, their powers, and their roles in the game.




ELF Exemplars

The most mysterious and oldest, exist across time and focus on something inside of our future.

Station of Sol – In daylight, convert energy to health.

Halfling Exemplars

Perfectly controlling their weight distribution, glide over terrain using less energy.

Swiftness – Reduces energy costs when running.

Orc Exemplars

Can sense the warm blood circulating through creatures.

Pulse Reception – Ability to see heat signatures.

Dwarf Exemplars

The ability to move massive rocks and rich ores is highly prized.

Legs of Pillars – Ability to carry weight.

Human Exemplars

Capable of creating the most delicate and valuable elixirs from components from around the world of Mirandus.

Potion – Bonus to potion making.

Mirandus: Tokenomics

Materium is the native ERC-20 token of the Mirandus ecosystem that acts as magic in it. Materium (Contract address: 0xcd17fa52528f37facb3028688e62ec82d9417581) can be bought on Uniswap dApp using MetaMask. The utility token Materium can be used to cast spells, craft the impossible, and even revive the hero from the dead. Players can collect the token by exploring the Mirandus fantasy world, defeating the monsters, and completing quests. 













Contract Address: 0xcd17fa52528f37facb3028688e62ec82d9417581


Though there are no Mirandus nodes active nodes at the moment, the game still remains decentralized and incentivizes the players and creators in the ecosystem. It’s anticipated that the value of digital assets will increase once the game is fully developed and offers more features, as well as a mature game economy. This is based on the current traction the game is experiencing.

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