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  • Hero Galaxy is a battle-to-earn metaverse of different games with its own 2 NFT collections. The main NFT collection consists of Heroes and the second one is made out of Artifacts, all tradable on Opensea.

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What Is Hero Galaxy 

The Hero Galaxy is a battle-to-earn metaverse of different games and challenges which are hosted on various NFT worlds called Battle Planets. These planets are populated by Heroes (the project’s special NFT collection) and playable in Minecraft. The project has been launched in February 2022 and made a lot of noise in the NFT space. 

The collection of Heroes has a trading volume of 4,5k Ethereum (ETH) on Opensea with a 0.69 ETH floor price at the moment. The second collection of Artifacts has a trading volume of almost 400 ETH with a 0.29 ETH floor price.

Heroes are a collection of 5,555 generative ERC-721 NFTs that are basically an access-pass, and playable in-game avatars within the Hero Galaxy. Heroes rise in value and rewards through gameplay within the Hero Galaxy’s various “battle-to-earn” games. 

All except 10 Heroes are composed of randomly generated attributes of variable rarity and have 5 slots with which to bear various types of weaponry, armor, outfits, and accessories, called Artifacts – won through their glory on the game field.

Rewards Explained

Heroes who play are able to claim WRLD Token (the native token of the project) and Artifacts, which are standalone NFTs that can be equipped by Heroes to increase their rarity. The drop chance for Artifacts and the rarity of dropped Artifacts are dependent on players’ in-game performance. Heroes who don’t have time to play may stake their Heroes and earn WRLD Token passively.


Hero Galaxy delivered two kinds of NFTs that have in-game use, look great, and players can use them to earn tokens. This is the new trend that we hope will hold and will allow many people to create additional income. 

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