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Nine Chronicles P2E is an open source Online Role Playing game on the blockchain developed by Planetarium Labs. The game also includes a free-to-play game model and the players are incentivized through NFTs and native tokens. The game occurs in a fantasy land where the players help the goddess Freya in her eternal fight against evil. 



Nine Chronicles is a serverless game, which runs on decentralized networks like Bitcoin and BitTorrent. Blockchain games are considered superior for two reasons: decentralized and earning. Almost all of the games incentivize the players but how many of them are actually decentralized?

The problem with classic video games is not only they don’t pay the players for their time but also the player don’t actually own anything. Despite paying thousands of dollars for the in-game assets, the players don’t actually own them. What if the game decides to turn off its servers?

Blockchain games moved a step forward by converting those assets into NFTs so the players can own them even outside the games. The only problem is if a blockchain game decides to turn its servers off, the players will still own the in-game NFTs but what will be their worth without a game? A perfect blockchain game should be in a world that can never be shut down. Nine Chronicles is a game where game servers are owned by community members so the players can mine, own, and govern together. 

Gameplay: Nine Chronicles P2E

Nine Chronicles P2E targets a wide range of players and offers diverse gameplay. The main battle mode of the game is the Campaign mode. This mode includes 300 unique game levels. Players have to fight their opponents to reach the end level of the game.

Nine Chronicles P2E

PVP mode is where the game gets more exciting as players can show off their skills by challenging other players. They defeat each other to claim the top position on the leaderboard and get their respective rewards. Each round refreshes after 2800 blocks and the leaderboard is updated after every 40 rounds or 112,000 blocks.

World Boss mode is what actually put the players’ skills to the test. Players join hands to defeat this monster but it regenerates every time even stronger. Players can earn from this mode in multiple ways: 

  • Battle Reward
  • Battle Grade Reward
  • Boss Kill Reward
  • Season Reward


Nine Chronicles Gold $NCG is the native coin of the Nine Chronicles P2E game that exists on the dedicated blockchain of the game. The time in the game and respect events are counted on the basis of the block time of this blockchain. This native blockchain has an average block time of 10.62 seconds.

NCG is used as a potion to expedite the item upgrades, crafting in-game items, trading items, buying tickets to challenge other players and staking.

A wrapped version of the NCG ERC-20 token exists on the Ethereum blockchain. It gives additional immutability and accessibility to the main token. WNCG is 1:1 NCG backed and can be publicly traded.














Nine Chronicle is still in early access so not all the features are ready. However, the game goes entirely a different way with its own blockchain and user-owned servers. This not only makes Nine Chronicles stand out from the crowd but also moves a step closer to user-owned web3 games.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.