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The Rougelite Third Person Shooting Superior P2E is a blockchain game holding exciting challenges and fun for the players. Superior P2E is a game developed by Gala Games and can be played by signing up for the Gala Games Web3 account which gives you access to many other blockchain games on the platform. The game is still in the early access and it is getting mixed reviews by the players on the Steam page by the players who have already played it.

Superior P2E Gameplay


Superior is a roguelite genre game that involves GameFi, a player-owned ecosystem, and a community-governed model. The roguelite game genre is a sub-category of Roguelike games. In a roguelike, each playthrough typically starts from scratch, with players losing most, if not all, of their progress upon death. The game world and levels are procedurally generated, and permadeath is a common feature.

However, roguelite games incorporate elements of roguelikes but often provide some form of progression or persistence between runs. This means that even if you die, you may retain certain upgrades, abilities, or items that carry over to subsequent playthroughs.

Likewise, in the Superior P2E, the players will start with no powers and they have to kill the superhero, making the game more challenging. Once a player defeats a superhero, the player gets the power of it. The players keep becoming more powerful as the game progresses, however, if the player dies, all their powers and upgrades start from the beginning.

NFT Rarity:

The game story is pretty interesting; somewhere in the world the superheroes are turning into evil abominations and you have to kill them and steal their powers to save the world. The third-person shooting Superior P2E involves three main playable NFT-based characters for this.

Superior P2E

These characters have different traits and give players a tactical advantage over their opponents.

1. Ronin:

Ronin is an in-your-face combat master samurai that masters close-range skills. His weapons include SMG (Sub-Machine Gun) and a sword. Ronin needs to get close to the superheroes to deliver maximum damage as his weapons are extremely short-range yet deadliest.



Nomad is a sharpshooter who owns a deadly weapon, a rifle, that can damage enemies from a long distance. Nomads can take down enemies with rifles and also rain fire on them through a network of hacked laser satellites. If you need someone to watch your squad’s back from a distance, you might need her on your team.



If you need a distraction from a tough enemy, Murmur can confuse your enemies through confusing holograms. She is equipped with heavy explosives and a pistol so she can cause fatal damage to her enemies at any range. Her mechanical legs allow her to become extremely swift and when this is combined with her holographic abilities, her enemies can never see her coming.



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Though Superior is one of the many games offered by Gala Games, it offers very unique gameplay from the other games on the platform. There is a limited number of NFTs for Superior P2E and at some point, players will have to buy NFTs from other players to play the game. The game has no in-house token and the roadmap doesn’t include any update regarding it either. Nonetheless, the game enjoys the players’ traction and it is expected to grow with the upcoming updates.

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