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Introduction: Photo Finish

Photo Finish is a Play to Earn blockchain game built on the Solana blockchain by Third Time Inc, a startup game development studio. The game uses multiple generation NFTs and each of these generations has separate features and characteristics. Photo Finish P2E uses the players’ stable owner and breeder to excel in the horse racing game.



In their whitepaper, Photo Finish claims to be the most authentic play to earn Horse racing companion mobile game. The developers behind the game are pretty and there’s a reason for that: they are not doing it for the first time. They have already launched a Photo Finish Horse Racing Game on the Apple store and the same game name Horse Racing Manager 2021 is on the Google Play Store. Collectively their games have over 13 million downloads on Android and iOS mobile devices. However, both versions of the game are Play to Win.

Third Time Inc. is now preparing to launch this on-chain experience on the Solana chain where players can enjoy realistic race simulations, do genetics-based breed of the horse, and race against opponents. Different breed horses are presented as generational NFTs

Photo Finish P2E

NFT Rarity:

There were two collections ‘Stylish Studs’ and ‘Fine Fillies’. Following the road map, in Q4, 2021 opened the minting for the early access of NFTs for a price of 0.2 SOL. later in Q1, 2022, the breed opened after Fine Fillies were minted. Stylish Studs were early access PFP NFTs with 150 traits. This collection of 10,000 NFTs. 

Fine Fillies was the second collection of 5000 unique NFTs on the Solana blockchain with 150 traits.  Fine Fillies are hand-illustrated art pieces that are generated programmatically. Just like Stylish Studs PFPs, Fine Fillies also act as VIP passes to enter the Photo Finish ecosystems.

The Stylish Stud NFTs could be bred into Gen 0 racehorses after the breeding process is completed. Fine Fillies were only limited to breeding once and therefore only 5,000 horses could be bred. However, the Stylish Studs could be bred infinitely.


Photo Finish is a dual token economy model ecosystem that has a fungible token economy.  $CROW and $DERBY are the in-house Solana-based tokens of the Photo Finish P2E ecosystem. The main distinction between $CROWN and $DERBY tokens is that the former is a fixed-supply governance token used for decision-making and purchasing race track licenses, whereas the latter is an inflationary in-game currency used for all platform transactions.


On the Solana blockchain, Photo Finish is a Play to Earn blockchain game. For horse racing, breeding, and trading, the game employs generational NFTs, as well as dual in-house tokens, $CROWN and $DERBY. Photo Finish is the most authentic play to earn Horse racing companion mobile game, according to the developers, who have already launched a similar game with over 13 million downloads.

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