Greenheart – Ideal Combination of CBD and DeFi

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  • Greenheart CBD is an Irish company with a vision to bring the finest CBD products. It’s also a DeFi platform used for issuing loans to farmers who wish to switch farming options and go in CBD production. 

CBD and Cryptos together? That’s something new and eye-catching. Most crypto projects are fully online based and solve technological issues, while Greenheart CBD wants to solve problems of real products with the help of cryptocurrencies. How do they want to do that? Read more to find out.

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Greenheart CBD

Greenheart is an Irish CBD-focused company with a vision to bring the finest CBD products to the world. Meager profit margins on conventional crops force countless farmers around the world to exist on a subsistence basis, with little chance of improving their families‘ living conditions. Greenheart CBD wants to change this forever. 

Greenheart is a DeFi platform used for issuing loans to farmers who wish to switch from other crops to farming hemp for use in CBD production, and potentially may be expanded to address other agri-DeFi use cases where farmers may struggle to get financing from traditional institutions. Due to recent and rapid increases in demand for CBD oil, it has become very profitable to farm compared to other conventional crops.

However, even in regions where hemp and CBD are 100% legal, banks are still reluctant to offer loans to CBD businesses due to hemp’s association with cannabis, which is still illegal in many countries. Greenheart is stepping in to fill this need for financing and is offering farmers living at subsistence level an opportunity to drastically increase their income. 

Profits from CBD sales will be directly shared with farmers, and will also be used for a buyback and make a program which will benefit CBD token holders. CBD token holders will have other benefits such as the opportunity to directly lend to farmers and earn interest on their loans, among others.

The Greenheart CBD cryptocurrency platform will provide project and community-led loans to farmers around the world who wish to switch to growing hemp for the purpose of CBD production. The Crypto platform will use advanced decentralized smart contracts across multiple blockchain networks to enable platform users to finance new hemp farmers without the need for a trusted third party.

The CBD token has still an unknown market cap and was launched in May 2021. The token almost hit $0.01 in summer before rising up to $0.09! This cryptocurrency is still early with a low market cap and volume and thus offers great potential. It’s available to trade on Pancakeswap. Currently, the token is at one of its lowest points which might be a good entry point for those interested in investing in CBD cryptocurrency. 

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It’s interesting to see that there are also companies with real products entering the cryptocurrency world. Most cryptos are tech, DeFi, gamefi, yield farming, or something other-focused that is non-tangible. Greenheart CBD connects real-world products with advanced technologies, and hopefully, it will be beneficial for everyone involved. 

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