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  • Styllars are 10,050 uniquely generated avatars on Terra blockchain. Styllar is about custom collectible NFT avatars inspired by fashion and pop culture. 
  • They aim to be the highest quality NFT art on dual blockchain. Styllar project has been in the works since 2013.

NFT collection here, NFT collection there. Most NFTs are pretty much similar and are built on the Ethereum blockchain. Styllar is totally different as the whole project looks different and is built on an entirely different blockchain. Read more to find out.

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Styllars Built on Terra Blockchain

Styllars are 10,050 uniquely generated avatars. No two are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Terra blockchain. Styllar is about custom collectible NFT avatars inspired by fashion and pop culture. They aim to be the highest quality NFT art on the dual blockchain. The First release happened on Terra and the name Styllar is from Style and Stellar.

“Styllar aims to be a premium NFT that the community can relate to. Every item you see on our Styllars is custom-made by our designer @Ahoodie. Stay tuned for a future announcement on Styllar history,” says Styllar.

The project Styllar has been in the works since 2013, with an art style developed in 2007 and has been redefined every year since. Styllar is looking to establish itself as a premium NFT on the Terra blockchain. By being the owner of a Styllar, you’ll become part of this project and will be granted access to a lot of perks. Styllar’s goal is to create one of the strongest communities on the Terra blockchain.

Community & Whitelist

This project got a high interest from the public when 2,000 people joined their Discord within one day. Now, they have a community of more than 17,000 members! For more information on how to get your Styllar, go to their website. 

Out of all Styllars, some have significant scarcity. Additionally, as Styllar evolves, project holders will gain access to more opportunities to get items such as through free airdrops. Items can then be traded or placed on their avatar. Once complete, the avatar can be minted, so it is tied to the user’s wallet with all their chosen items.


The team is operating with eight full-time team members and several part-time resources. They’re set to deliver its avatar builder and merge items over the next months’ time. As they work to develop the collection, Styllar also has plans to provide cross-chain abilities with Ethereum and Solana in future releases. Are you gonna grab your Styllar?

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