Get ready for NFT.NYC happening on June 20th, 2022

Following the successful legacy of the NFT event in November 2021, the biggest NFT is set to launch on June 20th, 2022, in Time Square. What is this event about, how will it benefit the NFT communities, and how can you join it – follow me to find out.

NFT.NYC Is Coming

NFT.NYC s like a SuperBowl of NFTs, which has been becoming a voice for the growing NFT communities since 2018—recently announced NFT.NYC will be the fourth annual NFT industry event that will take place between June 20th to June 23rd this year. The main sponsors of the event in Time Square will be Polygon Studios and MoonPay. NFT.NYC has over 1500 speakers, including the NFT gurus like Gary Vee, Jodi Rich, and Alex Ohanian. 

You can watch the NFT.NYC event highlights of November 2021, which was the 3rd event, here. Over 120k tweets hyped last year’s event with the #NFTNYC2021, and 20 days after the event, the word NFT was added to Collins dictionary as word of the year. NFT.NYC will also award the growing NFT projects Supported by OpenSea, APENFT, and NFT.Kred. The NFT.NYC will distribute these awards at the 2nd annual NFT awards on June 21st. 

There’s so much that NFT.NYC has to offer to the growing communities as well as NFT enthusiasts. This conference includes the NFT community meetups, hosting NFT workshops, parties, and even the after-parties. There will be over 5,500+ attendees in the coming event, and it will take place at the location: Times Square, 1535 Broadway, New York, NY 10036, United States. 

The event adds value to the attendees by featuring several leading names and brands in NFTs. In addition, the platform is committed to offering the NFT community to put their projects in the spotlight as the 5,500+ attendees will be pure NFT enthusiasts, influencers, and celebrities owning NFTs. 

NFT.NYC has been one of the most popular NFT events in the United States, particularly in New York City. The tickets range from $499 to $1,999, as per the category. You can register your place here. You can also pay with Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the registration closes on June 11 at noon ET. Check different packages to find the one that suits you before buying your tickets.


NFT.NYC will release the program details in mid-June about the topics. It will include 16+ topics and around 24 categories that directly or indirectly relate to NFT space. I’m just curious to find out how it impacts the sales activities of the NFTs whose communities will attend the event.

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