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Quick Summary

  • Millionaire Land is a unique web3 app with an answer-to-earn model, where users earn incentives while taking part in quizzes. The project has its own NFTs and two tokens. 

The crypto space is full of innovative ideas and models like play-to-earn, rule-to-earn, party-to-earn, and one of the latest discoveries is answer-to-earn, created by Millionaire Land. So what’s Millionaire Land? 

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Millionaire Land Explained

Millionaire Land Gameplay

Millionaire Land describes itself as a web3 application with an answer-to-earn model. Users will be able to earn incentives by using NFT characters to answer questions in quiz competitions. Players are able to grow in wisdom through innovative gameplay and earn at the same time. This is the reality of the new web3 space. 

The project aims to publish its beta version soon with its first NFT release, as well as launch its TOK and POK tokens (explained later in the article). In the second half of 2022, the game will be live on multiple chains, multiplayer mode will go live and their own “Millionaire Show” is going to be launched. 

How Does It Work?

When users have their NFT, they can enter quizzes consisting of 12 questions, having 10 seconds to answer each question. The user must answer at least 6 questions correctly to earn basic revenue, and earns more with every right answer. The participants can use several features of the game for the best results, including NFT Character, NFT Blind Box, Mint NFT, NFT Slot, and NFT Prop. 


Millionaire Land Onepage

Millionaire Land will have 2 tokens that people will engage with in the quizzes. TOK (test of knowledge) is a token of unlimited supply running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It will be used in the game for different purposes, such as stamina recovery, slot unlocks, upgrading, and most importantly as a payout for single-player mode. On the other hand, POK has a limited supply of 3 billion tokens and it will be used as a payout in multi-player mode, upgrade, and much more. 

How to play the game

Step 1: Download Millionaire Land App 

Downloading our APP is the first step of the game, we provide both IOS and Android versions. 

Step 2: Get the activation code and register 

The activation code is the key to joining Millionaire Land, without the activation code, the registration will not be possible. Once you get the activation code, you can use your email to register. 

Step 3: Create Millionaire Land Wallet 

After successful registration, go to the top right of the app, click on the wallet and 

start creating it. When creating a wallet, you need to record your wallet password and the memo, especially the memo needs to be saved offline. Lost keywords will result in lost wallets. 

Step 4: Get $BNB and transfer it to your Millionaire Land wallet 

You can buy BNB on DEX or CEX and transfer them to your Millionaire Land wallet, taking care that the transfer is done through the BNB chain and that the address is correct. There are 3 costs in the app, namely conversion of game tokens, purchase of props such as character NFT, and fees for the transfer. 

Step 5: Transfer from wallet to in-game to buy character NFT 

Transfer your BNB to the app, buy the blind box or click into the marketplace and get your character NFT after selection. 

Step 6: Start the game 

In the game lobby, select the quiz entrance of the level corresponding to the difficulty of the character NFT, enter the quiz lobby, select the quiz mode, and start the journey of earning revenue by answering questions.

Step 7: Get and withdraw earnings 

The earnings you get from answering questions will be issued in the game, you can either put it in the game or spend in the game and gain to accumulate a certain amount to withdraw to your wallet. Once your earnings go into your wallet, you can transfer them out. 

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author: Rene Remsik

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.