Telepresence in Medicine: Metaverse Utility of the Future

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  • Metaverse was considered a fun tech until a company decided to use it in the medical domain. With the new immersive technologies of telepresence or telerobotics, doctors can now swim inside your body. 

A blockchain is a tool that comes with untold possibilities. It’s been with us for over a decade now, but we’re still figuring out what other frontiers can we conquer with it. Besides, engineers and developers never stop adding new utilities to already existing technologies – Metaverse is one such example. The medical domain in the metaverse will change its course of it from just being a social platform or a fun gig.

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What is Telepresence?

Metaverse is expanding from immersive technologies, AR and VR, to telepresence or telerobotic. While virtual reality brings users into simulated worlds, telepresence uses remote robots to bring users to distant places, giving them the ability to look around and perform complex tasks. Simulator rides or motion rides are the first generations of this technology. Endiatx is a tech company that is committed to embedding metaverse and telepresence to enable doctors to travel inside the human body via a drone/submarine. 

Figure 1PillBot ™

They named this drone “PillBot ™”. The drone is the size of a standard pill and it is able to send doctors real-time footage and other data. It travels inside the stomach and other digestive tracts, and it is remote-controlled. This means that doctors are able to pilot PillBot, and with the help of telepresence technology, they feel like they are inside the body seeing and feeling everything. Successful experiments on cadavers and living humans were conducted so far. 

Cutaway Drawing of Pillbot Telepresence Drone for In-Human Travel. Image courtesy of Endiatx

CEO of Endiatx Torrey Smith said that he was the first human to swallow the telerobotic pill. Since then, many in the company have swallowed it to get screened. The current version of this tiny bot is able to watch for ulcers, gastritis, cancers, and other potential ailments. As technology advances, doctors might be able to even do surgeries through it.


Tech evolves, and it evolves fast – every version is better than the previous. Seeing metaverse with a telemedical angle seemed a bit skeptical, but now it is being turned into a reality. The future of medicine is already here.

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